Mijia Smart Multifunctional Health Pot

Mijia Smart Multifunctional Health Pot Unboxing

On November 18, the Mijia Smart Multifunctional Health Pot was launched in Xiaomi Mall for crowdfunding. The crowdfunding price is 139 yuan ($21). And the future retail price is 169 yuan ($26).

The Mijia multifunctional health pot adopts a high-quality borosilicate glass body. The high-temperature resistance can reach 150℃. What about low-temperature resistance, it can reach up to -20℃. On the other hand, the health pot includes a thick 304 stainless steel heating plate, which comes from a British brand STRIX thermostat. The service life reaches up to 10,000 times.

Mijia Smart Multifunctional Health Pot

In terms of safety, the bottom of the pot features a hidden thermostat. You can use it with other parts of the body to monitor the status of the heating plate in real time. And also, it will give an opportunity to automatically cut off the power when overheated, effectively ensuring safe use.

The Mijia smart multifunctional health pot has a built-in 45℃-85℃ nine-stop heat preservation temperature adjustment, and supports 12 hours of long-lasting heat preservation. For example, if you set the temperature at 55°C, which is suitable for your entrance, you can drink warm water whenever you lift the pot.

Mijia App for remote control

The Mijia smart multifunctional health pot has built-in multiple cooking programs. In addition, it individually optimizes the cooking curves of tea, milk tea, soup, desserts, and other recipes, and automatically matches the appropriate firepower and holding temperature.

You can use the well-known Mijia App for remote control. Moreover, it supports the setting of heat preservation temperature and heat preservation time.

At the same time, users can also view a variety of online smart recipes through the Mijia App. Each recipe includes detailed steps and a table of ingredients. After preparing the ingredients according to the steps, they can enjoy the deliciousness with one click.

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