Luni human sensor

Lumi Releases High-Precision Human Sensor: A 6-Year Standby Period

On November 11, Xiaomi’s eco-chain company Lumi released the Aqara high-precision human sensor. The price is 299 yuan ($41.99).

Luni human sensor

The high-precision human sensor can also sense the movement of people or animals. But it greatly improves the detection accuracy, and can even capture the micro-movements of the palms. So, it is upgraded from “person detected” to “person present” detection.

Simply put, smart scenes that were previously realized by multiple sensors can now be realized by a single high-precision sensor.

You need to use this product with a device with Zigbee 3.0 gateway function. Using the attached sleeve accessories, the sensor can be embedded into the ceiling like a downlight. So, it can match various home styles.

The high-precision human body sensor meets the IPX5 waterproof level standard. Moreover, it can prevent various splashing water in normal life. You can install it in wet places such as bathrooms and toilets.

Luni human sensor

The high-precision human sensor has ultra-low power consumption design. You can use the 2 button batteries provided for power supply and standby for about 6 years. When the battery is low, it will remind you to replace the battery through the smartphone app.

The Aqara high-precision human sensor provides high, medium, and low sensitivity in three gears. It can adjust the appropriate gear according to different application scenarios, improve detection sensitivity, and effectively reduce false alarms.

The Lumi human sensor supports Apple HomeKit. With other smart devices, it can achieve more rich automation and scene control.

Examples of usage scenarios:

When taking a bath, it detects that someone will automatically turn on the light and turn on the exhaust fan. It can detect even such subtle movements as washing hair. And the light will be kept on.

When going out and not at home, the gateway is in alert mode. It detects an abnormal intrusion and immediately emits an alarm sound. At the same time, the camera has the ability to capture video clips and push them to the mobile app.

When children and pets are playing in the living room, they sneak out of the house. The high-precision human sensor detects that there is no one in the living room, and the linkage gateway sends out a sound reminder.

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