Huawei Smart Select Darren Smart Desk Lamp 2i Is Officially On Sale

The Huawei Smart Select Darren smart desk lamp 2i went on sale today. The price is only 99 yuan ($16). The Darren smart table lamp 2i is jointly developed by Huawei Smart Selection and Jiangsu Dalun Electronics Co., Ltd. It is a table lamp featuring youthful fashion and smart features.

huawei smart darren smart desk lamp 2i

This lamp comes with functions such as national A-level illuminance, one-key night light wake-up, intelligent stepless dimming, and no blue light hazard. It also has voice control of the desk lamp through Huawei’s smart screen, AI speaker, and voice assistant. The Darren Smart Desk Lamp 2i uses high color rendering lamp beads with low blue light radiation, reaching the high color rendering index of Ra95. The color temperature is controlled at 4000K, reducing blue light to the RG0 non-blue light hazard level.

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At the same time, the constant current control light technology ensures stable current. The large-capacity filter filters out the ripple current that produces the light strobe, and rejects the strobe. This desk lamp has national A-level illuminance, innovative side-emitting technology, uniform and soft light. You will not feel dazzling when looking directly at the light source. It also has wide range of light exposure, wide field of vision and no dark areas, color rendering index as high as Ra95. It also has high color saturation, so learning work can effectively relieve dry eyes.

In order to take care of the night up and night, it also specially set up an independent night light. It is turned on with a soft warm yellow light, the light is gentle, comfortable and not glaring. This smart desk lamp 2i can not only adjust the brightness in three levels (dark, medium, and bright) on the touch panel. It also can slide the brightness bar through the Huawei Smart Life APP to achieve 1-100% brightness stepless adjustment.

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