Huawei In-Car Smart Screen Released

At the Huawei’s new product launch conference for the whole house smart and smart screens held this afternoon, Huawei officially released the Huawei In-Car Smart Screen. It claims that you can experience smart travel without changing the car.

Huawei In-Car Smart Screen

The Huawei In-Car Smart Screen adopts an 8.9-inch ultra-clear (1920*720) touch screen with a brightness of up to 700nits, no fear of reflections. It supports cross-screen transfer of mobile applications. This smart screen supports 30+ applications, including Baidu maps and Gaode maps and other mainstream navigation applications. It also supports NetEase Cloud, Kugou, Himalaya and other music applications.

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The Huawei In-Car Smart Screen has lifting interactive front and rear cameras, driving record wide-angle camera. It also has 360-degree adjustable base, supporting full-interface voice control, gesture control in the air. So, it can be connected to the original car audio to realize cross-screen streaming of mobile application. It has car-machine navigation collaboration, to achieve GPS signal selection. This product also supports smart home linkage, cockpit games, etc. Yu Chengdong introduced that Huawei’s HiCar solution has already cooperated with 20+ automakers, 150+ models, and 30+ applications. It plans to pre-install over 5 million units in 2021. It surpasses the in-vehicle systems of Apple and Android in application richness and experience.

The front camera of the Huawei In-Car Smart Screen can record driving video with 2160x1440P image quality. So, compared with the 1080P image quality of ordinary after-loaders, the overall fineness is nearly 2 times higher, and it can restore more realistic driving details and scenery records. In addition, it has an F1.8 large aperture and a 135-degree diagonal wide-angle lens. Huawei has released an in-vehicle smart screen for 1,699 yuan ($260). It will be officially launched on January 8.

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