Huawei’s Self-Developed Petal Map App Goes Online

Other Android phones abroad can easily install various services of Google Family Bucket. But for Huawei, it must rely on self-research to make up for the outage of some applications and services for well-known reasons. It is reported that Huawei has officially pushed its Petal Map in more than 140 countries and regions. The Petal Map provides real-time public transportation updates for 129 cities. Huawei’s foreign smartphone users can also download and use it in the AppGallery store.

Huawei Map

The Petal Maps provides users with services such as map positioning, map display, driving navigation, and real-time road conditions. It also pioneered a new way of map interaction, applying the Mate 40 series of air-operated functions to navigation. When driving, users press their palms in the direction of the screen. The navigation route view and the map overview interface can be switched freely.

In addition, through the Petal Maps’ real-time bus information prompts, users can view the actual bus departure and arrival status of some cities to plan time and travel plans. Currently the Petal Maps supports navigation voice broadcasts in Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. According to Huawei’s previously announced plan, the Petal Maps will also log in to the car-machine system in the future. So, users can use the targeted optimized the Petal Maps navigation software while driving.

In addition, Huawei’s official app store will continue to improve global popular and local apps, such as AppGallery, Telegram and Deezer, as well as useful and installation-free Quick Apps. Since last year, its number of users has increased by 20%. The AppGallery continues to improve the user experience. The improved AppGallery UX brings a simple and beautiful aesthetic and production experience. It enables each application to attract a larger audience, thereby providing users with smarter download recommendations for trending applications.

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