Huawei P50 All Variants Will Run Harmony OS

Yang Haisong, vice president of Huawei’s consumer business software department, said recently that by next year, all Huawei self-developed equipment will be upgraded to the Harmony OS system. So, consumers do not need to purchase new equipment to experience the Harmony system. In addition, next year Huawei will also release smartphones based on the Harmony system. The Huawei P50 released in the first quarter of next year will come with Harmony OS.

Harmony OS

Since Harmony has reserved a transition period for compatible Android apps, relevant users do not need to worry about the lack of apps for the time being. However, the Harmony version of the app will be independent of the Android app in the future. Of course, this requires considerable developer participation to strengthen the Harmony ecosystem. Regarding the issue that the first Beta version currently used for demonstration and development is too similar to EMUI 11. So, Huawei staff said that the official version will definitely have a new interface.

Finally, back to the Huawei P50 phone itself, limited revelations include Samsung/LG OLED screens, liquid lenses, Kirin 9000E/9000 processors, etc. According to the release schedule of the new Huawei P series over the years, the Huawei P50 series is basically scheduled to be released in March 2021.

In addition, the Huawei P50 Pro uses an irregular camera module on the back. It looks like a round shape with a piece cut off. This design is like the moon around the twelfth of the lunar calendar in our lives. It also looks like a part of the sun or sunset is covered by mountains or the sea. The Huawei P50 Pro will also have a 6.68-inch AMOLED quad-curved screen with a very small Liu Haiping design.

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