A New Generation Of Xiaomi Tablet Products Are Under Development!

Is the practicality of the tablet computer high? To be honest, it is almost not for office use, but for watching movies or for entertainment. In the tablet computer market, when many consumers look at these products, they almost divide these types of products into two categories. One of them is Apple tablet computers. Other tablets include Android and Windows tablets. And now, even Xiaomi announced that it will launch a new tablet product this year.

A few days ago, Xiaomi held a Mi fan festival. At this event, the company released a video clip of Lei Jun talking with Mi fans. In the video, Lei Jun revealed that a new MIX phone will be launched this year. Then, the Xiaomi tablet project will be restarted. After Lei Jun announced this information, many users started discussing topics related to Android tablets.

Among them, some users said that there is no market for Android tablets. Only Apple is the king in this market. However, some users disagree with this view.

The Android tablet is down? In fact, not yet

In recent years, with the improvement of consumer experience or manufacturers’ R&D technology, the share of tablet products in the computer market has gradually increased. Seeing this, you may think of the Apple iPad first in your mind. But why isn’t the Android tablet that first appeared in your mind? We took a look at the tablet PCs with the best sales in the market and found that almost all the top products belong to Apple. If you want to see Android tablets, you have to look back.

Xiaomi tablet

As mentioned earlier, the tablet with the highest share comes our way from Apple. Why didn’t we mention other manufacturers of Android tablets? To be honest, if you want to buy a tablet now, do you prefer Apple branded products like most consumers do? Would you consider buying an Android tablet?

Now, Xiaomi has officially announced that it will launch an Android tablet this year. According to the market evaluation of previous generations of products, there should be many people looking forward to this product.

Xiaomi has so far launched the 4th generation of tablet products. Although it has been 3 years since the appearance of the previous generation of products, many people are still using this product. After 3 years, Xiaomi once again launched a tablet computer product. It must be ready to make a big splash on this product. This may also be the reason why users pay so much attention to this product.

So, now let’s take a look at the current tablet market. In addition to the more popular Apple iPad, there are also products from brands such as Huawei, Samsung and Honor in the Android tablet market.

Huawei Pad

Needless to say, Samsung, as a relatively well-known brand worldwide, their tablet PCs are still very popular in some companies. The Android tablet launched by the Huawei brand in the past two years has also been well welcomed in the market. So, if Android tablets are down, it may just be the personal thoughts of some users who do not like to use Android tablets.

Is the Android tablet not easy to use? Why more people choose iPad

To talk about whether the Android tablet is good or not, it should be distinguished by personal usage scenarios. If you only need to use it in office, maybe the Apple tablet will be more suitable for you, and it will also help you solve the demand problem to a certain extent. Because the Apple system can interoperate with other Apple devices as you like.

However, if you usually use the tablet for entertainment, you may prefer to use Android, because the price and performance of the Android tablet are already sufficient for use.

Apple has always done a good job at the system level. Its smartphones, laptops and tablet computers all use almost the same self-developed system. And it is conducive to the linkage between multiple devices and caters to the user’s usage habits. Because of the system optimization, users will not feel obvious lag. So, there is a very smooth experience of the system.

Usually, there are files on your iPhone or Macbook that need to be processed. But you need to switch to the tablet at this time. At this time, the advantages of the Apple system are fully displayed. You can transfer files from one device without downloading additional software to quickly transfer to another device.

Although most Android tablets don’t have obvious lag when in use, they are not very durable. This may be due to the open-source system, at least compared to the iPad.

In addition, each brand has its own customized system based on Android. So, this gives users a feeling of “not easy to use”, because when you switch from a smartphone to a tablet, you have to learn these operations again. If you change to a tablet computer of a different brand from the smartphone, you need to learn the operation method of this tablet computer from the beginning. Thus, it will undoubtedly increase the learning cost.

Will you choose Xiaomi tablet for the next tablet computer?

Let’s go back to the topic we just started. Xiaomi announced that it will launch a new tablet product this year. After this product is unveiled, will you choose it? For many people, this question still has no answer. If you don’t expect this product, many people are still looking forward to it. After all, with Xiaomi’s style and configuration of the same level of products, there will be surprises in price. This may also be the reason, which greatly improves consumers’ expected value.

Xiaomi tablet

Xiaomi’s last tablet was the Mi Pad 4 Plus. This product was released in August 2018. The low-end version is 4GB+64GB. It has a 10.1-inch 1920 x 1200 display and sports a Snapdragon 660 processor. It has a rear 13MP + front 5MP camera combination.

Here comes the point, the starting price of Mi 4 Plus is only 1899 yuan, but the starting price of other products with similar configurations is more than 2500-3000 yuan. In such a comparison, this tablet of Xiaomi is very fragrant.

In addition, Xiaomi has not updated this product line since the launch of its tablet product in 2018. Over the past three years, there have been some Mi Fans from time to time on Weibo who left messages to inquire about the relevant situation. The bloggers exposed some information about Xiaomi’s tablet products. From the above, we can see that everyone pays attention to the Xiaomi tablet.

There is one more point worth talking about. The tablet PC products launched by mainstream brands now have improved screen display effects and charging rates.

According to market rules, Xiaomi’s new product should also be upgraded in these areas and feature a more powerful processor. Another, Xiaomi’s latest flagship smartphone product, Mi 11, uses a brand-new design and a new chip. The latter makes this product a lot of attention. It is guessed that Xiaomi will use the same strategy on the Xiaomi tablet, and will launch a Mi Fan and others. Consumers are refreshing products.


Android tablets are actually not easy to use, but many people are not accustomed to the operating logic of Android tablets. Moreover, they do not have enough confidence in them.

Now, the R&D strength of Chinese manufacturers has become stronger. Not only smartphone products better than before, but also a lot of thoughts have been put into system optimization. There should be no brand that wants to make it worse. So, Xiaomi’s Android tablet is still worth looking forward to. And there is still a market for Android tablets.

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