No More Accidental Touch On The Screen! Mi 11 Brings New Strategies

At the Xiaomi Mi 11 conference, Lei Jun emphasized that this time the Mi 11 uses a miniature curved screen. It also has the function of preventing inadvertent touch. Last year, the full screen was still pursuing the degree. The limit surface of 88 degrees is indeed in the full-screen vision. It has got a lot of improvements. But still, it is not friendly to the user experience and it is easy to touch by mistake.

Xiaomi Mi 11 screen

In order to prevent accidental touch on the curved screen, the Xiaomi Mi 11 adopted many strategies. With the help of that strategies, the smartphone brings in anti-inadvertent hardware and solutions. They are to completely solve the problem of accidental touch on the curved screen.

The problem of false touches

For the problem of false touches on the edge of the screen, the industry mostly uses software optimization for edge shielding. That is to suppress the touch at the edge of the screen. It is also to refuse the user to perform touch operations at the edge area. Although the pixel shielding method can effectively reduce the occurrence of false edge touches, it also brings some drawbacks. The latter may affect some normal operations in some apps. For example, you cannot drag the scroll bar on the side of the browser, and the edge cannot be clicked.

Xiaomi Mi 11 screen

In order to minimize the drawbacks caused by pixel shielding, the Mi 10 series edge anti-mistouch function provides more refined adjustment options. According to your own usage habits and usage scenarios, you can personalize the anti-inadvertent touch area at the edge of the screen. Moreover, you can accurately adjust it to achieve a balance between accidental touch prevention and precise touch. On this basis, Xiaomi Mi 11 goes a step further by adding two grip sensors to completely solve the problem of false touches on the curved screen.

2 grip sensors

The Mi 11 has two grip sensors. One of them is located in the upper half of the fuselage. And the other is on the lower half of the fuselage. The two holding position sensors can monitor the electromagnetic wave absorption rate of the corresponding position in real-time. When the smartphone is in a different holding state, the electromagnetic wave absorption rate of the corresponding position will change. According to the changes in the signals fed back by the two sensors, the user’s current grip position can be accurately judged.

The Mi 11 can judge the user’s current holding state in real-time, combined with the latest anti-mistouch algorithm, to trigger intelligent anti-mistouch. For example, when holding the horizontal screen, all four sides are turned on to prevent inadvertent touch. And when you hold the lower part, the two sides of the lower part are turned on to prevent inadvertent touch. And it does not affect other edge operations.  When the phone is flat on the desktop, the four sides are not turned on to prevent inadvertent touch. In this way, accurate touch control of the grip area is achieved.

Accelerometer and gyroscope data

In addition, the Xiaomi Mi 11 can also combine accelerometer and gyroscope data to make further precise adjustments to the anti-inadvertent touch strategy based on the user’s current usage status. When you lie down and watch the video, Mi 11 can appropriately increase the size of the anti-mistouch area based on the current holding state. Further, in response to the long-standing screen mistouch problem, the Xiaomi Mi 11 has realized the intelligent dynamic adjustment of the screen mistouch prevention strategy by adding two gripping sensors and cooperating with the self-developed anti-mistouch algorithm.

Therefore, Xiaomi’s approach greatly reduces the probability of false touches. And sometimes it is not so friendly for curved screens. The tiny curved surface not only improves the visual experience, but also you can definitely see it in the screen display. Moreover, it makes the screen ratio of the smartphone higher.

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