Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer 1S Unboxing And Review

With the continuous development of technology, more and more smart products are gradually available. Relying on smartphones as the carrier, they can easily meet the needs of life. One of them is a photo printer. In the past, it was only possible to go to a photo studio. But now, you can print photos at home. Perhaps the first thing you think of is Polaroid. But with the improvement of living standards, the requirements for photo printers are getting higher and higher. We mean they can not only print ordinary photos but many more. There are also requirements for ID photos, size, connection method, etc. Recently Xiaomi’s launched Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer 1S is an innovation based on the previous generation.

Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer 1S

In terms of appearance, it continues the packaging style of the Mijia photo printer generation, coming with a pure white color. The front of the package carries printed look of the Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer 1S. The upper left corner sign indicates that it supports the Mijia App. The upper right corner carries the Xiaomi and Mijia logos. This upgrade supports printing of 3-inch and 6-inch photos.

Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer 1S

The Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer 1S still maintains the sleek and simple design of Mijia products. The overall white appearance carries a hint of Nordic style.  The Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer 1S is mainly composed of two parts: one is the paper box, and the other is the main body of the photo printer. There is the Mijia logo on the top of the front, which is not much different from the Mijia Photo Printer. The size of the whole machine is 194×124.6×83.6mm, and the net weight is about 1.4kg.

Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer 1S

The Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer 1S has two buttons. The left side of the body carries the power button/power indicator. It supports short press to switch the machine, long press for 6s to reset the network, and 6 consecutive presses to restore factory settings. The right is the direct connection button, long press for 3s to enable or disable the direct connection function. The Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer 1S only provides two buttons. So users need to combine the Mijia App on the smartphone to complete a series of operations, such as selecting photos, editing photos, etc.

Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer 1S

The Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer 1S has three indicator lights. From left to right, there are Wi-Fi indicator light, fault warning light and direct connection indicators light. The indicator light will have related status prompts, such as off, flashing, etc. The bottom is the carton door, which needs to be installed in conjunction with the attached carton. The user can also operate in conjunction with the manual.

Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer 1S

Gently open the carton door of the Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer 1S. In the internal test of the carton door, the user can scan the code according to the prompts. You can also download the Mijia App, connect to the WeChat applet to print, and also have related instructions for use. It is very convenient to use.

Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer 1S

The back of the Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer 1S integrates more than 600 heat dissipation holes. In order to ensure beautiful appearance and sufficient opening rate, there are different shapes of openings on the left and right sides. Of course, on the basis of maintaining heat dissipation, improve the Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer Stability of 1S continuous printing. The bottom opening is the rear paper outlet, and users need to keep a sufficient distance when printing. On the right is the power interface, the input parameter is 24V-1.6A.

The Mijia Photo Printer 1S adopts professional dye sublimation printing technology, still adopts 300dpi printing resolution. It supports 16.7 million colors and wide color gamut, 1280 printing heating heads. Each printing color point has a grayscale rendering ability of 256 levels, and dye sublimation technology. It can present more and richer color levels and achieve better color reproduction.

When using the Mijia Photo Printer 1S, the user needs to put the attached ribbon into the side of the printer correctly. The user can load it according to the direction of the ribbon buckle. If you want to change the ribbon, you need to move the ribbon. The orange buckle can take out the ribbon. The attached ribbon supports printing 20 photos, including 3 inches and 6 inches.

The bottom four corners of the Mijia Photo Printer 1S are designed with rubber pads. It can play a role of non-slip during use. The center is the information parameter of the product. The hotspot sent out requires a password when connecting. At this time, the hotspot password is printed on the barcode label at the bottom, and it is different for each machine.

In addition, the Mijia photo printer 1S has a very user-friendly place. It can realize the integrated design of magnetic suction paper box, which is more convenient to store. The attached translucent paper box can be directly absorbed with the photo printer and can be easily stored. On the whole, the appearance is neat and generous, and it is not easy to lose. It is more convenient to use than other types of printer photo paper in the past. On the whole, it is not much different from the first generation. In terms of appearance, it is mainly to increase the choice of 3 inches and 6 inches. It does not support the simultaneous insertion of photo paper.

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