Oclean W1 Portable Smart Aerodynamic Dental Flusher Review

In order to maintain oral health, it is not enough to simply brush teeth frequently. It is not easy to clean up hidden places such as the gap between the teeth and the gingival sulcus. That’s why you should pay attention to auxiliary cleaning tools such as dental floss and flushing devices.

In fact, there have been various brands and products of dental flushing devices that are gradually becoming popular. But to summarize the technical solutions, most of them are nothing more than high-pressure water pulse type or micro-explosive airflow type.

Oclean W1

Among them, the high-pressure water pulse is driven by a water pump. After the water flows through the nozzle, the pulse jet impacts the oral cavity. It is similar to the ‘high-pressure cleaner’ of a car wash shop. At present, most of the dental flusher products on the market are of this type.

The principle of the micro-explosive airflow technology is similar to that of a high-pressure air gun. First, the air jet technology is used to ‘blow’ the food residue between the teeth. And then the water stream ‘washes’ the residue away.

Oclean W1

However, none of these types of products are welcomed by users. The small size of the micro-explosive airflow tooth flusher has insufficient power, while the pulsed tooth flusher with large power is larger and difficult to carry. If the power is not well grasped, it may also damage the gums. Also, the continuous spray water tank also needs to be filled with water from time to time.

Based on many considerations, a good dental flusher needs to meet at least three standards at the same time:

  1. Small size and easy to carry and use;
  2. It has strong cleaning power and does not hurt the gums;
  3. Durable water volume, no need to add water during use.

In response to these triple standards, Oclean, an innovative-driven smart oral health brand that once brought us the first electric toothbrush, broke away from these two old solutions and released the Oclean W1 portable smart aerodynamic tooth cleaner. It uses the original ‘aerodynamic’ flushing technology created by the Oclean team.

This is not difficult to understand. Simply put, the flusher compresses the air at a high speed and then sprays it at a high speed. The high-speed air stream mixes the air with the water and continuously sprays oxygen-containing bubbles. The water flow in the power storage tank is taken out and mixed. Spraying, cleaning interdental and periodontal pockets, can provide intermittent punching method, taking into account small size and punching power, subdividing controllable power levels for different groups of people, and avoiding gum damage.

Oclean W1 design: Slightly larger than an electric toothbrush: It may be the world’s smallest tooth cleaner

Outer packaging.

Oclean W1

Storage box, charging cable, two nozzles.

The body supports magnetic charging.

The Oclean W1 tooth punch is known as the smallest tooth punch in the world. After opening the box and getting started, it is indeed much smaller than the various tooth punches we usually see. The specific size is 33.9mm×41.3mm×239mm (including nozzle). It’s a little fatter and slightly larger than the average electric toothbrush. The weight is only 159g, which is convenient to carry around.

And the body has an IPX5 waterproof rating, which allows water to be sprayed from any direction without being affected.

The nozzle can rotate 360 ​​degrees

Nozzle details

The bottom of the fuselage is detachable, and the water tank is designed for independent placement and can be taken out separately.

The power switch button and the mode switch button are all designed on the body.

The body of the Oclean W1 is designed with a 3D carved texture to prevent slippage.

User experience: Is the suspiciously small Oclean W1 really enough?

The bottom of the Oclean W1 dental flusher is a water tank which is connected with the rest of the fuselage in a magnetic nesting manner. After disassembling, we can realize that the circuit and water pump occupy most of the entire body of the Oclean W1. Only a small piece is left for the water tank. It is doubtful, is this really enough?

Therefore, after filling the water tank, we tested the number of shots of the Oclean W1 dental flusher. Continuously spray at level 1 (the highest) force to see how long this suspiciously small water tank of the W1 dental flusher can support.

The test results are quite surprising. After 215 injections, the water inside the tank has not been completely exhausted. Considering that there are generally only 30 interdental gaps in a normal person, even if each interdental gap is flushed 5 times on average, one filling of water is more than enough to cover the entire mouth without adding water during the process.

This is mainly because the Oclean W1 dental flusher does not spray a water column or stream, but a mixture of high-speed compressed air and water. This makes the Oclean W1 dental flusher only need 1/10 of the water volume of the ordinary dental flusher.

Moreover, the small water tank also forces the Oclean W1 tooth flushing device to adopt an intermittent precise flushing method. So there will be a short pause every time it is sprayed. The user can take the opportunity to change a tooth gap. In the 3 different gears of the fuselage, the user can also switch between different modes such as long press, continuous tap, continuous spray, and custom. It is completely spray on demand, which saves water.

This also helps the product to avoid the chaotic splashing of the traditional flushing device. There is no need to adjust your body to bend over and stretch your head because of too much water flow.

In terms of battery life, the Oclean W1 flushing device is equipped with a large 1200mAh battery. According to official data, it can be used for one month if flushing once a day.

In the process of flushing, we also experienced the comfort brought by the ‘aerodynamic’ solution of W1 flushing device. The water and air mixture sprayed by it is not focused at one point, but scattered like an umbrella. When going out, it will not stimulate the gums by jetting water at high speed like a traditional dental flusher.

Moreover, the cleaning effect under this option is not inferior to that of the traditional dental flusher. In the actual experience, the breaded coconut residue stuck between the author’s teeth can be washed out.

The feeling of water vapor passing through the gap between the teeth is quite refreshing, and the 7-level strength is completely painless and friendly to the gums.

At the same time, the Oclean app of the W1 dental flusher provides 9 levels of intensity adjustment and 2 types of gum massage programs. People who have filled their teeth and often bleeding gums like the author can choose seven levels of intensity.

It is worth mentioning that the user can also directly pour the mouthwash into the water tank of the W1 dental flusher.

The Bottom Line

After a comprehensive experience, we can find that the Oclean W1 is a segmented product that is clearly positioned to meet the needs of portability, and it is not a conventional traditional household dental flush.

It perfectly meets the three requirements we put forward in the preface part of the hedge:

  1. Small size and easy to carry and use;
  2. It has strong cleaning power and does not hurt the gums;
  3. Durable water volume, no need to add water during use.

The size of 33.9mm×41.3mm×239mm (including nozzle) is a bit fatter than ordinary electric toothbrushes. Combined with the weight of 159g which is lighter than smartphones. This means that you can carry it for shopping, business trips, dinners, and take out to clean your teeth anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to Oclean’s unique ‘aerodynamic’ technical solution, the dental flusher compresses the air at a high speed, and then sprays it at a high speed. The high-speed airflow mixes the air into the water. It also provides an intermittent flushing method for precise water use and small size. Mini water tank and punching power under the fuselage.

Moreover, combined with the Oclean app, you can also enjoy 9 levels of intensity adjustment for different groups of people and 2 types of gum massage programs. Normal users, dental patients, pregnant women, and children have their own use modes to avoid damage to the gums.

As for the price, the Oclean W1 portable smart air-powered dental flusher is really not cheap at 799 yuan ($121). But for those who care about, frequent, and delicate daily oral care, it is indeed worth experiencing.

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