Mojietu Polarized Driving Mirror T1 Design Review

In our daily life, there are more or less some daily necessities that play their own unique role and facilitate, bringing more convenience to life. For example, the Mojietu Polarized Driving Mirror T1 Progressive Gray version that we want to share with you today from Xiaomi’s ecological chain is mainly to solve all kinds of glare that suddenly appear in our driving and escort our safe driving. Many may think it’s a small tool with a great effect. Actually, these glasses are far more than that.

At first glance, the the Mojietu Polarized Driving Mirror T1, we may think it is a fashion product. The upper darker and lower lighter colors can block the glare. The lower lighter colors make the eyes adapt to the dark environment of the tunnel to drive safely when the vehicle enters the tunnel. In most driving scenes, these are also the two most used things. We can say it is the biggest reason for the birth of the polarizer.

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Mojietu Polarized Driving Mirror T1 Key Advantages

As for the actual performance, we can see well through the Mojietu Polarized Driving Mirror T1. We can see a clear difference between the range of the lens and outside the range. We mean the up and down gradients can be clearly seen. The deeper the degree, the lower the gradation gray becomes. The overall realization principle is actually the same as the polarizing lens often seen on cameras and drones. It is mainly the principle of reducing glare and improving the clarity of photosensitive. It’s just that the photosensitive element has changed from the camera’s CMOS to the human eye.

Mojietu Polarized Driving Mirror T1

The main reason why the actual performance of the the Mojietu Polarized Driving Mirror T1 can be so excellent is that its lenses use high-quality German imported TAC lenses. TAC lenses are currently being widely used in many luxury brand sunglasses internationally. TAC’s scientific name is Triacetyl Cellulose, which has a very complex composition and is one of the high-penetrability polymer materials. It achieves a polarization rate of about 99%. This is why this product is practical. TAC as a sunglasses lens is mainly due to its acid and alkali resistance, light and thin texture, and high cost performance. Coupled with the unique PVA polarized film technology and unique low-temperature bonding process, the lens has no delamination. Even with such a complicated process, the the Mojietu Polarized Driving Mirror T1 still has a complete curved lens, which is indeed worthy of praise.

Mojietu Polarized Driving Mirror T1

What Other Use Scenes Is It Focusing On?

In addition to driving in a car, the the Mojietu Polarized Driving Mirror T1 can resist ultraviolet rays in cloudy and low light. It blocks glare when driving on a sunny day and improves driving safety. Even when outdoor anglers use it to observe water floats when fishing, it eliminates floats and water reflections to prevent sun glare.

Generally, these glasses can be used in bright and glare scenarios. We mean it’s not made for safer driving only.  

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