Kospet DK08 Smart Watch Review, Price and Specs

Kospet Dk08

In the present digital and innovative arena, digital gadgets are likely to become tiny with creative technology and discovery. The Smartwatch industry also witnesses intense technology transformation and works on to produce chipset algorithms to familiarize mobile platforms.

The DK08 Smart Watch is an exceptional device produced by the Kospet. How smartwatches are cornering the traditional wrist watches is the central point we need to know. The smartwatches are based on modern concepts and innovative modules. Further, these are capable of delivering mobile-like features on the wrist.

Therefore, we have come to pay a detailed look to review the features and specifications of the Kospet DK08 Smart Watch. Since its inception in the market, undoubtedly, it has diverted and affected every mindset with its fantastic features and the way of work.

Kospet DK08 Smart Watch: Features and Specifications

Moving further with the idea, the DK08 Smart Watch comes with a TFT square-shaped screen of 1.28-inch. The touch-key and touch screen will serve the users for quick and smooth operation while performing indoor or outdoor activities.

Further, the DK08 watch carriesNordic 52832 inbuilt chipset to give it the required speed and compatibility with external devices. Besides, the smart watch is based on the IP76 waterproof technology to cater to the swimming, rain, and washing requirements.

Kospet Dk08

Also, the Kospet DK08 Smart Watch features alarm clock, heart-rate, pedometer, Bluetooth 4.0, sleep time display, and support running, walking, and riding modes.

For the power, the Kospet DK08 equips 110 mAh inbuilt battery, which can run for 15 days on usage and 30 days on standby mode.

Overall, the Kospet DK08 Smart Watch is a budgeted device to meet your daily needs and activities in a smart way.

In this part, we will take various features and hidden personality aspects of the Kospet DK08 Smart Watch under discussion. It will further help you to explore and compare the features with counterparts to take out the best one to purchase.

Colour and Design

How the Kospet DK08 Smart Watch looks at prima facie?

Well, the DK08 imparts an elegant design with a genuine leather strip and square-shaped screen. The hand touch experience is fantastic, which makes it comfortable to wear.

The Kospet has offered the smart watch in a single colour choice, and that is the Black. Further, the smart watch distinguishes with other watches on the basis of the overall outlook and the features. The band is made of the leather, stainless-steel and silicon metal to wear it for a long time on all occasions.

Kospet Dk08

The Kospet DK08 houses a 1.28-inch TFT touch screen on the front to give you the mobile feeling. You can easily perform various functions by inputting data with the touch facility.

Hence, the overall design and personality are quite attractive and charming. The Kospet DK08 Smart Watch weighs at 90g with the band size of 200-230mm.


Talking about the display of the Kospet DK08 Smart Watch, it provides the users with a 1.28-inch TFT single point touch screen with waterproof technology.

The screen of the smart watch is a square-shaped, which produces a beautiful design and secure handling. This will allow the users to enjoy a fantastic user-experience with cool touch algorithm and speedy response.

The screen carries no additional buttons. Therefore, you can operate it only through the touch, which ultimately ensures a great approach to each prospect.

Moreover, the DK08 Smart Watch has a 176×176 screen resolution. It will give you a better image and video experience. As the watch is compatible with all Android and IOS devices, you can enjoy tremendous functionalities similar to your smartphone.

It can be one of the crucial features that the screen will never adopt a black face. It will give you 24-hour constant display and indefinite wonders. You do not need to click the screen always to wake it up.

Additionally, the screen is able to display time, power icon, date, and week at the same time and always.


To give the DK08 smart watch constant energy and power, the Kospet has loaded it with a 110 mAh Li-ion battery. It has enough stamina to serve you for at least 15 days on usage and 30 days on standby mode.

Further, the battery is chargeable via an external magnetic charging cable. You can attach it comfortably to provide it with the power to last for a month.

The Kospet DK08 Smart Watch has ultra-low power consumption technology, which enables it to strive for a long time. The Nordic 52832 chip requires low power to operate. Similarly, the 1.28-screen also needs low power to remove the need for frequent charging.

Kospet Dk08 Memory

Like smartphones, the Kospet DK08 Smart Watch also provides the users with RAM and ROM chips.

It is equipped with the 64 KB RAM and the 512 KB as internal storage to store valuable data and information.

As we know, the smart watch has multiple utility functions like heart-beat rating, pulse rating, pedometer, multiple sports modes, alarm, various social media apps etc., it requires space to store the data.

Correspondingly, the Kospet DK08 has 512 KB ROM to give space for such data. Moreover, the smart watch does not support an external memory card.

You also have the facility to edit your stored data for further use. Just remove unnecessary and old data to place the new one.

Kospet Dk08 Connectivity

As far as the connectivity options are related, you will get only Bluetooth 4.0v with the Kospet DK08 Smart Watch.

The Kospet DK08 lacks behind in terms of SIM cards, NFC, WIFI, infrared etc. Hence, you must consider this thing in mind before moving to purchase.

Kospet Dk08

With Bluetooth 4.0v, you can connect it with your smartphone to receive the inputs. Once connected, it will help you to access your phone functions on your wrist. You can listen to songs, answering and rejecting incoming calls etc.

It is also impressive to know that the watch is compatible with Android 4.0 or above and IOS 8.0 or above version.

Whenever your phone receives a call, the DK08 Smart Watch will display contact number with name via vibration. Therefore, the smart watch is full of value, time-saving and hassle-free.

Multiple Support Modes

The Kospet DK08 Smart Watch is professionally designed for the sportspersons. If you look for a device to help you out in your sports activities, then it could be a great choice for you.

Basically, you will get assistance in three sports- Running, Swimming, and Riding.

It will display the duration time and the calories burned during the events. Ultimately, it will facilitate you to have a close look at your performance and improvements with the real-time data.

IP67 Waterproof Technology

As the DK08 is purely crafted for sportsmen, the waterproof prospect will allow you to use it in the rain, swimming pools etc.

The Kospet DK08 uses IP67 waterproof algorithm. Therefore, it involves precise waterproof process design with strict testing prior to the launch. You can wash it and can use it for swimming with a free mind.

Kospet Dk08 Information Reminder

Are you social media savvy? The Kospet DK08 Smart Watch will also help you out in this regard.

The smart watch supports synchronization of messages from a wide range of social media platforms. It may be Whatsapp, Facebook, QQ, Twitter, Wechat, and any other. You are able to access your incoming messages on the smart watch screen.

Consequently, users are now never to miss important events and occasions. Just check your watch screen instead of taking your mobile out to read the notifications.

So, how easy the Kospet DK08 has made it operate your social media accounts right from your wrist.

Pedometer Monitoring

Being the sports wearable, the Kospet DK08 Smart Watch has pedometer technology to give you the overall sports solutions in the same pack.

The pedometer will track your steps and records the data in the backstage app. You can access the data via your smartphone to take further actions. Therefore, it is a scientific tool to satisfy your daily requirements on the sports platform.

Heartbeat Monitoring

Similarly, the Kospet DK08 watch also gives you a full analysis of your heartbeat process. It will track your heartbeat performance and save the data in the backstage app for further analysis.

Kospet Dk08

The heartbeat data will take you to the real results you want to achieve in the actual process. So, the DK08 is ready to access your heartbeat changes and serve you with the real-time data.

Other Functions

Additionally, the Kospet DK08 Smart Watch has an alarm system, Multiple Language support, Sleep time display, standard motor function, sedentary, application reminder, smart anti-lost technology, remote control camera, do not disturb mode, time format settings, reject or answer the call, and various other useful features.

Kospet Dk08 Price

When it comes to the price of the Kospet DK08 Smart Watch, it has the price tag of $36.99 after 20% discount on the Gearbest online store. You can order for the product by clicking the below link:

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