ZMI Lithium Battery Released. The Price Is 99 Yuan.

Today, Xiaomi’s partner ZMI launched a rechargeable battery set called ZMI lithium battery. In comparison with the previously announced rainbow battery, the battery capacity is 50% higher and supports recharging and recycling. The price of the ZMI battery is 99 yuan ($15).

According to the official introduction, the ZMI battery can be recycled 1000 times when used with a charger (included in the kit). This product has a battery capacity of 2900mWh, supports a constant voltage of 1.5V, and is more stable in power output.

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In terms of packaging, the new product is similar to the No. 5 rainbow battery. If you use it with a charger, it will take only 3.5 hours to charge the four batteries completely. When the battery is low, the output voltage will drop to 1.1V.

Currently, the ZMI lithium battery charger is on, although the official launch date is not still available.


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