Xiaomi Cooperates With Samsung For A Transparent OLED Display

It is reported that Xiaomi is developing a 27-inch transparent OLED display. The display panel is provided by Samsung Display. Xiaomi plans to release this display in 2021.

Last month, Xiaomi announced the launch of the world’s first mass-produced transparent OLED TV with a 55-inch 120Hz WOLED TV panel. The Mi TV Lux is now priced at 49,999 yuan (approximately $7,400) in China. It uses MediaTek’s custom battery processor MT9650.

Xiaomi's Transparent OLED Display

MediaTek has also announced related news on its official website. But because the MT9650 is a custom processor, it has not yet appeared in the products on MediaTek’s official website. So it is difficult to know the specific parameters and performance of this TV processor.

The Xiaomi Mi TV LUX uses LG Display’s WOLED panel. According to reports, for smaller displays, Samsung Display has also reached out to help. Samsung Display has been developing transparent OLED technology for many years.

Xiaomi's Transparent OLED Display

In June 2015, Samsung Display released its 55-inch mirror and transparent OLED display, and began to provide early customers in early 2016. The first customer was a hair salon in Seoul. It also developed a flat-panel system (Planar Systems) and Eyevis. This was very exciting for many people, but shortly after shipment, Samsung decided to stop production.

Xiaomi's Transparent OLED Display

For many years, Samsung Display has been showing smaller transparent OLED, mainly for the automotive market. For example, in SID 2018, Samsung Display demonstrated a transparent 4.94-inch 360×112 (76 PPI) AMOLED prototype with a transparency of 44%. However, Samsung Display has not released any commercial transparent display, and of course, it is not the 27-inch Xiaomi transparent OLED display of the Xiaomi Mi TV LUX.


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