Xiaomi Mi 11 Series Screen Revealed: A Four-Curved Screen

On December 16, the Weibo blogger revealed that the Xiaomi Mi 11 series screen will not adopt a centered single-hole screen, nor is it a waterfall screen.

Earlier, it was reported that the Xiaomi Mi 11 series screen had a hole in the upper left corner and it will be a four-curved screen. However, compared with large curvature screens such as waterfall screens, the curvature of the Mi 11 series screens is smaller.

Xiaomi Mi 11

More importantly, the top version of the Mi 11 series may use Samsung 2K+ AMOLED screens. This will be the first full-screen flagship of the Mi Digital series with Samsung 2K+ resolution.

In terms of specifications, the Xiaomi Mi 11 series debuted the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 flagship processor. It uses a 5nm process technology and is the first mobile platform to adopt the Cortex X1 architecture. This is a brand-new architecture that can increase CPU performance by 25%. It also increased the overall efficiency of the entire CPU cluster by 25%. And the actual performance is worth looking forward to.

Xiaomi founder Lei Jun said that Xiaolong 888 is Qualcomm’s most powerful mobile platform so far. In addition to industry-leading 5G connectivity, it has also brought breakthroughs and innovations in AI, games and cameras.

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It was also announced that the Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro are tipped to come with 4,780mAh and 4,970mAh batteries, respectively. A 3C certification points to a charger capability of 11V at 5A for output of 55W. That’s not as fast as the Mi 10 Ultra’s 120W charging. But it is more than the Mi 10’s 30W charging and Mi 10 Pro’s 50W speed.

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