Meizu 18 Series Leaked: Snapdragon 888, Samsung E4 OLED Screen

Yesterday, the Weibo blogger released information about two new models from Meizu, which are suspected of the Meizu 18 series. They are expected to be released in the first quarter of this year.

The Meizu 18 series comes in 2 versions – a standard version and a professional version (Pro). They include 4000± and 4500± mAh batteries, respectively. The standard version still support 30W charging power. And the professional version only has a 40W fast charging. As you understand they can’t compete with the mainstream Android flagships has reached more than 50W. The charging power of the Meizu 18 series is only a little faster than that of Apple and Samsung.

Meizu 18

There is no exact information on other aspects of the configuration. At the same time, the same blogger revealed that the main upgrade points are the processor and the screen. The Snapdragon 865 is upgraded to the Snapdragon 888. On the other hand, the screen is upgraded to native FHD+, 120Hz, Samsung E4 OLED luminescent material, and a small hole design.

Smartphone upgrades

In the past few years, smartphone upgrades are mainly in three aspects: screen, processor, and camera. This year, FHD+ – 120Hz – E4 screen will become the mainstream. And the Snapdragon 888 is the standard configuration of Android flagship. So the shortcoming of Meizu smartphones lies in shooting. Manufacturers such have begun to use custom sensors and outsole flagship sensors. Only Meizu still uses the public version flagship sensor IMX686. It is almost reduced to 1,000 yuan and 2,000 yuan.

The Meizu 17 series starts at 3699 yuan ($555), while the Meizu 18 series may remain unchanged, starting at 3699 yuan. At the beginning of December, Meizu’s official WeChat account stated that the first batch of new Meizu products sporting Snapdragon 888 will be available to you in the spring of 2021. If nothing happens, the Meizu 18 series will be released in March.

In addition to smartphones, Meizu also recently exposed ANC true wireless Bluetooth headsets, Meizu’s first smartwatch, and other devices. Moreover, the company designed the “Flyme For Watch” system specifically for Meizu Watch. These products may also be released together with the Meizu 18 series in March this year.

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