LG rollable phone

LG’s First Rollable Smartphone May Use BOE Panel

There are rumors in the industry that LG Electronics’ first rollable smartphone will use BOE panels. Moreover, we expect it to be launched in the first half of 2021. The phone is rumored to be similar to a folding-screen phone. But the screen can be rolled up. On the other hand, it will sport 8 inches in size when unfolded.

We learned that last month LG released the first model of its “Explorer Project” LG Wing dual-screen rotating smartphone. After that, LG announced that it showed a brand’s new rolling and folding smartphone.

LG rollable phone

LG Chief Administrative Officer Kwon Bong-Seok has previously announced that they will launch an LG’s first foldable smartphone in 2021, intending to become the world’s first smartphone manufacturer to launch this type of OLED screen.

LG has already started producing prototypes of this rolling model at its Pyeongtaek plant. Most commercial products require three to four trial productions. Furthermore, each trial production can produce approximately from one thousand to two thousand products.

In addition, LG Display is already producing curled OLED TV panels. According to Yonhap News Agency, LG’s world’s first rollable TV will be launched in October, with a price of up to 580,000 yuan ($81200). However, the panels and technology used in LG TVs are in line with BOE’s panels. They are not the same kind.

LG has applied for a smartphone design patent with a rolling/retractable display to the Korean Intellectual Property Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office in October last year. However, the design is only a patent and cannot be used as a blueprint to look forward to LG’s new smartphones. That design is adopted.

Little about LG rollable phone

The power button of this device is on the top of the display. Unfortunately, further details about the interface and connection options are missing. You can probably connect this device to the internet and other smart devices, such as a smartphone or TV.

This device also comes with a light-transmitting glass window at the top with a sub-display. This small rectangular display can show similar content as the roll-up screen. On the front, there is a wide button for unlocking the rollable display.

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