Xiaomi Mijia Display Hanging Lamp Unboxing

The Xiaomi Mijia display hanging lamp that began crowdfunding on June 3. And now we are offering to take a look at this amazing gadget in order to understand what a product we are going to pay for.

The packaging box is black. In the past, most Mijia products were white, and the packaging box was also white. In order to unify the appearance style, this time, the company used a black packaging. There is Mijia logo in the upper right corner.

The product name and main selling points are indicated in the lower left corner: non-aligned light source, 2.4GHz wireless remote control, etc.

The main functions marked on the side of the box: adjustable color temperature, brightness and angle, and remote control.

On the back, we can see the product information and manufacturer information description, which was commissioned by Xiaomi to Qingdao Yilianke Information Technology Co., Ltd. This company is also a Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise.

The items in the box are not layered, and all contents are displayed on the first layer. The keynote of the design style in the box is also black.

Xiaomi Mijia display hanging lamp
Xiaomi Mijia display hanging lamp

On the far left of the Mijia Display Hanging Lamp, there is the remote control.

Xiaomi Mijia display hanging lamp

The battery of the remote control is installed from the bottom. There is a battery compartment rotation opening sign on the bottom.

Xiaomi Mijia display hanging lamp

Under the manual, there is the power cord and Type-C interface.

Xiaomi Mijia display hanging lamp

The right side carries the base. Although it is hung on the display, officially it is still named the base.

Xiaomi Mijia display hanging lamp

The base power input interface is a Type-C port.

Xiaomi Mijia display hanging lamp

The lamp body contains the product model, input power and other information.

Xiaomi Mijia display hanging lamp

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