Xiaomi Launched Miwu Elite keyboard and Miwu Elite Mouse

Xiaomi has announced new crowdfunding products: Miwu Elite keyboard and Miwu Elite Mouse with a starting price of only 199 yuan ($28) each. By the way, the Miwu Elite Keyboard and Mouse set is available at 378 yuan ($54).

Miwu Elite Keyboard

Among them, the Miwu Elite keyboard uses a bright metal panel with a metal texture. It looks quite stylish and solid. Moreover, it comes with electroplated high-gloss function keys that are eye-catching.

Miwu Elite keyboard

It is equipped with HKUST Xunfei speech recognition technology. The accuracy of speech recognition has reached practical standards. It supports voice dictation, voice input speed can reach 180 words/min, and the response time of recognition result is less than 200ms.

The Miwu Elite Keyboard is equipped with an active noise reduction chip to improve the fidelity of the recorded sound. In conjunction with dual MIC radios, it creates good recording conditions.

Miwu Elite keyboard

The built-in lithium battery, Type-C interface design, positive and negative blind plug provide a long standby time. Say, it can last for one year. On a single charge, it can be used normally for more than two weeks continuously.

The Miwu Elite Keyboard uses 2.4GHz wireless connection and Bluetooth wireless dual-mode technology. Simply press the USB adapter button or the Bluetooth icon button, you can quickly switch between different devices connected for typing. Moreover, it supports Windows / Mac / Android / iOS (iPhone and iPad) multiple operating systems, and all smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Miwu Elite Mouse Features

The Miwu Elite Mouse is a ‘deformed’ mouse with space magic. In the portable state, the mouse is only 28.3mm thick, and it fits easily in your pocket. In a professional state, it lifts 10mm to improve the grip and reduce fatigue.

Click the front function key button to switch the connection mode. It supports 2.4GHz wireless connection and Bluetooth wireless dual-mode technology. Double-click the front function key button to switch the mouse work mode (can be raised and lowered 10mm).

Miwu Elite Mouse

The Miwu Elite Mouse is equipped with an optical sensor with multi-surface adaptive capability. It adopts the LED light source adaptive adjustment algorithm, which is suitable for almost any surface. The Miwu Elite Mouse has passed the 71-color passability test, and even supports use on glass surfaces.

The mouse battery has a capacity of 510mAh. The longest standby time is 1 year. And it can be used normally for 15 days after one hour of charging (normal use standard: 2 hours per day without interruption and lifting 10 times).


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