RedmiBook Pro Will Come With Many Improvements

Today, Xiaomi Mi Notebook officially promoted the upcoming RedmiBook Pro. From the poster, we can speculate that the machine will come with many upgrades and improvements.

In combination with the previous leaks, the RedmiBook Pro will come with Intel’s 11th-generation Core processor high-performance mobile version of H35 processor. Also, it will sport a 2K screen, which will have an integrated front camera. Also, it will be supplemented by a MX450 discrete graphics card, a NVMe solid state hard drive, Type-C interface, and support PD protocol charging, fingerprint unlocking, keyboard backlight, new mold metal body, etc.

RedmiBook Pro

Intel’s 11th-generation Core H35 series processors are based on their own 10nm process, with a 4-core 8-thread design and a core frequency of up to 5GHz. At present, many manufacturers such as Mechanical Revolution have put on the shelves new notebook products equipped with this processor. And we have to say the performance they provide are out of competition.

Compared with the 10th generation Core Duo standard pressure, single thread is 15% higher than the 11th generation Core U series and 9% higher than that of the 11th generation Tiger Lake. Thus, the graphics performance has more than doubled.

The RedmiBook Pro 15/15S equipped with Intel and AMD processors has appeared in the GeekBench benchmark database. The performance is good. The Intel version offers at least 8GB and 16GB memory memories, while the AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor models will provide at least 16GB of memory.

With the release date approaching, we will get more details about the upcoming RedmiBook Pro 15 and RedmiBook Pro 15S.

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