Xiaomi Successfully Developed A New Retractable Lens Technology

At today’s Xiaomi Developer Conference, Zeng Xuezhong, vice president of Xiaomi and president of the smartphone department, delivered a speech. He also released the new Xiaomi retractable lens technology.

retractable lens technology

As the president of the smartphone department not long ago, Zeng Xuezhong said that he will continue to adhere to the dual-brand strategy in the future. The Xiaomi brand includes the MIX series, Mi series, and Lite series. Redmi brand includes K series, X series, Note series, and also digital series.

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In addition, he revealed that Xiaomi’s smartphone market share currently enters the top 5 in 50 countries and regions. It has entered 47 high-end markets (per capita GDP over 10,000 US dollars), with a total shipment of over 62.4 million units. In terms of overseas high-end machine sales, shipments in the 500-700 euros price range are expected to increase by nearly 300% this year. And the price range is above 700 euros. This year’s shipments are expected to grow by more than 300%. O

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In the construction of the R&D system, Xiaomi has invested more than 10 billion yuan ($1,4 billion) this year. Global authorized patents exceed 16,000 (55% domestically, 45% overseas). And there are more than 3,200 patents related to 5G standards. 10 global R&D centers will be established. And they will recruit 5,000 centers next year. Engineers invested billions to build laboratories around the world with an area of ​​tens of thousands of square meters.

What else?

At the end of his speech, he released Xiaomi’s new camera technology: retractable lens technology. According to reports, the technology draws on professional cameras and thus, independently develops telescopic camera technology. It can achieve better optical effects in a limited size.

The data given by Zeng Xuezhong introduces that the amount of light in the super-large aperture is increased by 300%. The picture is more stable. In addition, clarity is increased by 20%. At present, this technology has also achieved miniaturization and can be used in smartphones. He said he will meet with users in the near future.

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