Xiaomi Returns To The Top Three In Global Smartphone Shipments

On October 30, three well-known market research companies: IDC, Canalys, and Counterpoint respectively released the third quarter global smartphone market statistics report. The data of the three companies consistently showed that Xiaomi’s smartphone shipments are third in the world.

In this regard, Lei Jun said that in Q3 2014, Xiaomi entered the third place in the world for the first time. He also said ”6 years later, I am very excited to return to the third place in the world. In the past ten years, from a bowl of Xiaomi porridge to the youngest Fortune 500, Xiaomi has made a series of impressive results in an extremely fierce competitive environment. I am sincerely proud of this.”

Lei Jun also said that in the future, they would continue to adhere to the “three iron laws” that Xiaomi will never change. Namely they are technology-oriented, cost-effectiveness as the key link, and making the coolest products.

He also emphasized that no matter how time and space change, technological innovation is their constant pursuit and the prerequisite for always maintaining competitiveness. Cost-effectiveness is a timeless business model. So the efficiency behind it is the magic weapon to travel through the economic cycle. Make the coolest products. It is the duty of Xiaomi’s engineer culture.

IDC report shows that the global smartphone shipments in the third quarter were 353.6 million units. It is down 1.3% from 358.5 million units in the same period last year. Xiaomi’s shipments in the third quarter increased 42% year-on-year to 46.5 million units, surpassing Apple to rank third.

Xiaomi smartphone shipments

In addition, the Canalys report pointed out that in Q3 of 2020, Xiaomi shipped 47.1 million units. A year-on-year it increases of 45%. The latter makes it the only smartphone manufacturer among the top four to buck the trend. Counterpoint data shows that Xiaomi reached the highest shipment volume ever in the third quarter of 2020. Moreover, it is also the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Xiaomi smartphone shipments

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