Xiaomi watch remote control cars

Xiaomi Cooperates With Weilai Motors: Future Xiaomi Watch Can Remotely Control Cars

Xiaomi Company and Weilai Automobile reached a cooperation and will launch Weilai App on Xiaomi Watch. It can perform car control functions anytime, anywhere. This app can be used as a smart remote control on the Weilai car to view the car and other operations.

Xiaomi watch remote control cars

According to the official introduction, through the future app, users can display vehicle nicknames on Xiaomi watches, quickly view vehicle information such as current driving status, current power, remaining battery life, and view various vehicle statuses, such as vehicle doors and windows, trunk opening and closing status. Even when the car’s tire pressure is abnormal, it can promptly remind.

In addition, car owners can also remotely operate the doors, windows, and air conditioners through Xiaomi watches, such as remotely locking, unlocking doors, opening and closing windows, and air conditioning. If the owner forgets the parking space or cannot find a car in the parking lot, Xiaomi Watch also provides a remote car search function. This helps users find the car by sound and light by triggering continuous whistle and flashing lights.

Xiaomi watch remote control cars

All Weilai models on sale can be matched with Xiaomi watches. In the future, it will also support more smart functions such as NFC, bringing more smart car experiences to Xiaomi and Weilai users.

Xiaomi Watch Features

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The Xiaomi Watch was released in November 2019. It has a rectangular dial design, built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chip, and has independent GPS, independent NFC, independent Wi-Fi / Bluetooth module, independent linear motor, independent speaker, large-capacity battery, eSIM virtual card and other functions. In addition, the Xiaomi Watch uses the MIUI For Watch system. The latter can independently access the Internet, download apps, and has an exclusive application store.

This time, Xiaomi cooperated with Weilai to connect cars and smart wearable devices. This precisely reflects the concept of ‘Internet of Everything’ today and lays the foundation for the Internet of Everything in the future.


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