Mijia foot line smart heater

Mijia Foot Line Smart Heater Won 2020 German Red Dot Best Design Award

Xiaomi has become a regular winner of German Red Dot Best Design Award. Every year, myriads of Xiaomi products win design awards, once again confirming they know how to create good products not only in terms of performance and price but appearance as well. This year is no exception. Today, Xiaomi Mijia officially announced that Mijia foot line smart heater won the 2020 German Red Dot Best Design Award. And apart from this product, there are many other Xiaomi new products got this award.

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In addition to the Mijia foot line smart heater, Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner kit version, Xiaomi curved display 34 inches and other smart products also won the 2020 German Red Dot Design Award. Interestingly, among them we can find many kitchen and beauty products. Say, there are new rice cookers, smart mirror, Mijia blander, Mijia microwave oven, and a few newly released smart speakers. They include the Redmi Xiao Ai Speaker Play, XiaoAi Touch Screen Speaker Pro 8, etc.

According to the official introduction, Mijia foot line smart heater adopts the principle of natural convection heating, without fan assisted blowing. At the same time, on the basis of 900W / 1300W / 2200W three-level power adjustment, it supports automatic power adjustment. It has 127 dragon scale heat sinks, which can be used with Xiaomi AI speakers and Mijia app. We can use Xiaoai voice assistant or mobile App to perform control it remotely.

Key Features

  • 5 Seconds Fast Heating No Waiting
  • Air Heat Energy Curtain Wall
  • 1.3m Grid Cooling Port


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