Xiaomi Asked To Replace Faulty Smartphone Of An Indian Customer

Xiaomi has recently been asked to replace the smartphone of an Indian customer after a commission called out the company for selling “shoddy” products to its customers in the country.

The Bandera Consumer Compensation Commission has instructed Xiaomi and its authorized service center. It is for providing an Andheri resident with a brand new smartphone and pay the customer 10,000 rupees (about US$135) compensation. In addition, if Xiaomi does not provide a new model of smartphone in accordance with the regulations of the committee, it will be required to repay the 6,999 INR (about US$95) originally paid by the customer in September 2015.

XIaomi India

The Story of Xiaomi Smartphone

According to “FreePressJournal“, Hiranna Fulari started to experience heat and battery related issues less than a month after purchasing the newly bought Redmi 2 Prime through online channels. This prompted Fulari to hand over the phone to the customer service. He asked him to leave the phone there for 2 days. But this request was postponed to 4 or even 7 days.

Fulari finally went to the service center two more times. But he was told that more time was needed to solve the problem. Finally, Fulari received the equipment from the service center two and a half months later. Despite waiting for a long time, this smartphone still had the same problem. So he had to leave it in the service center again. After going through this ordeal, Fulari approached the Consumer Council because they received a problematic phone. It needed to be carefully repaired within a short time of purchase.

Therefore, Fulari filed a lawsuit, demanding compensation for an updated smartphone, or a full refund of the compensation he paid. The committee pointed out that despite the notice. Xiaomi and its service center “deliberately failed” and “ignored” appeared before it and presented their defense. In the verdict, President Shubhada D Tulankar pointed out that the equipment needs to be repaired within one month after the purchase. And even requires up to two and a half months of service, and it cannot even solve the problem.

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