Microsoft May Acquire Nokia Again Next year

According to Forbes, Microsoft is one of most possible companies that can acquire Nokia’s communications and smartphone businesses. The report pointed out that the agency’s predictions for 2021 include that Nokia will be acquired by a major US technology company next year. Both Microsoft and Intel are likely buyers to conclude the transaction.

In 2013, Microsoft spent more than 7 billion US dollars to acquire Nokia’s smartphone business. With this, the Redmond-based company tried to use Windows Phone to provide a third alternative to iPhone and Android phones. But due to the poor ecosystem and many other factors, this business model didn’t work. After the fiasco in 2016, the Nokia brand was assigned to HMD and Fu Zhikang.

According to CCS, as the US government bans telecommunications suppliers from using equipment from Chinese suppliers such as Huawei, another telecommunications equipment manufacturer is needed as an alternative. Nokia’s network communications department happens to interest the US giants.

In addition, Nokia reached an agreement last week to become the largest equipment supplier for British Telecom (BT). It is the largest telecommunications operator in the UK. In this regard, CCS Insight Director Mann told, that Nokia might be easier to acquire. He also told, that Microsoft had a strong interest in the telecommunications field. He also mentioned, that they had seen them acquire twice this year (Metaswitch and Affirmed Networks).

In addition to Microsoft, Intel is also interested in “acquiring Nokia”. Mann said that Intel will observe in the telecommunications field in the next few years.

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