Lei Jun: Xiaomi Spent 10 Billion Yuan ($1.55 Billion) On Research And Development Last Year

Xiaomi held a New Year’s Eve dinner with Lei Jun and Mi Fans yesterday evening. During the dinner, Mi Fans asked a question about how much Lei Jun Xiaomi will invest in research and development this year?

Xiaomi Research and development

Regarding this issue, Lei Jun said that in 2020, Xiaomi has invested 10 billion yuan in research and development. In 2021, the company will continue to maintain high investment in technology research and development. The amount of the investment may increase by 30-40%. To clarify, it is about 13 billion to 14 billion yuan ($2.01 billion – $2.17 billion). In addition, Lei Jun also stated that continued recruitment of engineers will be the focus of Xiaomi’s next work. Moreover, another 5,000 engineers will be recruited in 2021.

New Mi MIX and Xiaomi tablets

In addition to R&D issues, Lei Jun also revealed in the dialogue that everyone is more concerned about the issues of Mi MIX 4. He said that a new MIX machine or Mi MIX 4 will come this year. And Xiaomi tablets will also restart. Several senior executives of Xiaomi also revealed on Weibo that there will be new Xiaomi Mi MIX and tablets this year.

In terms of services, Lei Jun said that he will further improve the professionalism of services. They also plan to increase the scale of expert customer service expansion. At the same time, special improvements such as the distribution of major appliances will be upgraded in the near future. In terms of smartphone appearance, Lei Jun revealed that this year everyone will see better ceramic and other craft designs.

Further, Lei Jun also said that the company is working hard to improve the friendliness of Xiaomi smartphones to the female community. It has worked hard in terms of lightness and beauty. On the other hand, the Mi 11 has already received a good response.

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