Xiaomi Youpin Launches Fanmi Infrared Smart Ear Thermometer at 249 yuan ($36)

Fanmi infrared smart ear thermometer

Today, on February 19, Xiaomi Youpin launched the Fanmi infrared smart ear thermometer. It can accurately measure temperature with one button in one second. This amazing product also comes with a LED high-definition display. It has a price of 249 yuan ($36).

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The Fanmi infrared smart ear thermometer has a small body and a round shape. There is only one operation button in the whole body. It is easy to use and easy to read. Even the elderly at home can quickly get started.

This smart thermometer uses imported probes from Europe. The core technology is Fanmi’s original 3D probe technology. The latter can recognize the curvature of the ear canal and the direction of the ear. After, it performs intelligent automatic calibration according to different situations.

Fanmi infrared smart ear thermometer

At the same time, it uses the 9-channel matrix measurement technology. The 9-channel simultaneous measurement ensures that the product accuracy is within 0.1° C. As said, the body temperature can be read in 1 second.

It can also store the historical temperature 5 times. By swiping the touch area, you can clearly grasp the change of the subject’s body temperature.

The contact between the Fanmi smart thermometer and the skin surface is very gentle. When the baby is sleeping, the temperature can be easily measured without disturbing the baby.

In fact, Xiaomi has released a number of thermometers. They all use high quality materials and have a high build quality. At the same time, they all use advanced technologies for quick and accurate temperature monitoring.


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