Mijia Electric Shaver Announced at 429 Yuan ($61)

Today, the Mijia electric shaver reciprocating five cutter heads officially launched crowdfunding in Xiaomi Mall. This is also the first flagship electric shaver of Xiaomi. Its crowdfunding price is only 429 yuan ($61), and the future retail price is 499 yuan ($71). The company says it can compete with international brand products in the price range of 1,000-2000 yuan ($143 – $286).

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As the name suggests, this Mijia electric shaver is equipped with five cutter heads of three types. They are: 2 bionic omentum deep razors, 1 pull-up fine combing knife, and long-shaven curved sickle capture knife (2 pieces). The abundant blades and shapes can challenge the brutal growth of hair in different directions on the face.

Mijia Electric Shaver

What Does Make The Mijia Electric Shaver High-End?

Aiming at the complex contours of the human body’s soft and hard undulations, the Mijia electric shaver reciprocating five cutter heads also use the innovative 360 ​​° universal omnidirectional floating cutter head. During the shaving process, the cutter head flexibly follows and the cutter mesh surface can be adjusted at any time. The Mijia electric shaver is IPX7 waterproof.

Mijia Electric Shaver

In terms of performance, the Mijia electric shaver reciprocating five cutter heads combined with innovative linear magnetic levitation motors have broken the speed limit of the global electric shaver category – 15,000 times per minute. It also has sonic vibration cleaning function. The inverted shaver can be turned on for 60 seconds to start the work and use super sound waves to wash out the sebum, dirt and fine shavings that are not easily removed from the shaver.

Mijia Electric Shaver

As for the battery life, Mijia’s electric shaver sports a built-in 2000mAh lithium-ion battery. It can last for more than 90 minutes when fully charged. And it can support 1 shaving when the power is 100% for 3 minutes without power.

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