Xiaomi Youpin Crowdfunds Laser Range Finder With 18 Practical Functions

On December 20, Xiaomi Youpin launched a Duke LS5 laser range finder in crowdfunding. The crowdfunding price is 99 yuan ($15). And the future retail price will be 179 yuan ($27).

This new product has a full touch OLED screen and also 18 practical functions. It is made of aluminum alloy + tempered glass, 12.9mm light and thin body. Its weight is only 50g. To imagine the size, it has the size of a finger. So, you can easily put it into a pocket.

Xiaomi LS5

In addition, the range finder includes a full touch hide screen, simplify the operation interface to slide up, down, left, and right + full touch. The range finder features 4H tempered glass material, high definition, high transparency, high sensitivity, impact resistance. On the other hand, it is not afraid of daily scratches.

The LS5 laser range finder has a built-in laser ranging measurement engine. The laser transmitter, located on the head, can realize the 0.03-40 meters ranging function. With the millimeter-level precision optical system, it can easily realize the length measurement, area measurement, volume measurement, Pythagorean measurement. In addition, it can also realize the angle measurement and height measurement, wall speed measurement, etc.

Xiaomi Duke LS5

The Xiaomi Duke LS5 laser range finder uses imported components from many countries. Further, it is precisely assembled and brings stable and accurate measurement data through precise algorithms and program optimization, millimeter accuracy, and 0.2s extremely fast feedback.

In terms of battery life, the built-in 280mAh lithium polymer battery can achieve up to 4000 high-precision measurements with one charge. You can recharge the battery via a USB port.

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