Xiaomi Mijia Smart Yuba Pro Released: No Need To Wait For A Bath

Today Mijia officially launched a new product – Xiaomi Mijia Smart Yuba Pro. This product follows the simple design style of Mijia and supports access to Mijia APP. You can control it remotely through smartphones.

Xiaomi представила умный гаджет для ванной комнаты, который оценят многие

The Mijia Smart Yuba Pro is the third-generation Yuba. The first-generation is a light-warming one that relies on light bulbs to generate heat, while the second-generation is an air-heating Yuba that relies on a motor. However, the third-generation Yuba Pro is based on air heating, adding intelligent operations to achieve more scenarios.

This amazing item is suitable for ceiling sizes having 300mm x 300mm and 300mm x 600mm of dimensions. It is a standard size, so it is very convenient to install. Besides, it also integrates the lighting function, so there is no need to reserve additional lighting space in the bathroom. The light brightness of this device can reach 1300lm, and the warm white light of 4000K is also softer and not dazzling.

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The Xiaomi Mijia Yuba Pro uses a wind deflector design, which looks more concise and beautiful. Moreover, the wide-angle page can also be adjusted in the range of 60-120° to avoid the discomfort caused by direct blowing on the human body.

Xiaomi crowdfunds the MIJIA Smart Yuba Pro priced at 649 yuan (~$95) -  Gizmochina

The Mijia Smart Yuba adopts a Nidec DC frequency conversion motor, which has the advantages of continuously variable speed and low noise and can bring a soft experience of natural wind. Furthermore, Mijia Smart Yuba Pro uses a 2800W PTC ceramic heating module, which can heat up 10℃ in 1 minute.

Mijia APP

What’s even more impressive is that  it is connected to the Mijia APP. So, we can also remotely start the Yuba Pro through the smartphone to complete the heating of the bathroom in advance to make the bath warmer. Through Xiao Ai, you can voice control the temperature of the bath heater and turn on the function mode. Linkage with human sensors and other smart devices can automatically turn on various functions of the Yuba. In the APP, we can adjust the air change position of the Mijia Smart Yuba Pro. For bathrooms without windows, we can choose a high-end air change to circulate the indoor air faster. If the bathroom is always damp, or in the rainy season, you can also turn on the drying mode of the Mijia Smart Yuba Pro, which can also effectively dry the clothes.

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Yuba Pro sports a wireless Bluetooth remote control as standard: you do not have to embed wires in the wall. There are 10 buttons on the 3-inch LCD screen, and you can adjust the functions and gears easily. In terms of lifespan, the battery life is up to 2 years, without wiring, charging, or frequent battery replacement.

The crowdfunding price of Mijia Yuba Pro is 649 yuan (about $95) while the retail price of Yuba Pro is 699 yuan ($103).


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