Here Comes The Smart Toilet: It Can Flip The Lid Automatically And Talk To You

In recent years, various voice assistant services have increasingly penetrated people’s living rooms and various devices. Now they are also going to enter the bathroom toilet. Can you accept such smart toilets?

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Kohler, Toto, and other bathroom equipment makers have added sensors, artificial intelligence, and smart speaker technology to their products. Many of them have already appeared at CES earlier this month. These smart toilets include Alexa smart speakers and sensors that can capture a person’s weight and posture data. It is important to mention that some of them cost thousands of dollars.

Картинки по запросу smart toilet of startup mateo

“The logic for bringing Alexa to the bathroom is that every consumer starts their day in the bathroom and ends the day in the bathroom. Therefore, it is a great place to get information such as weather, news, traffic, etc,” said Jonathan Bradley, product manager at Kohler’s smart home team. Hence smart toilets will have a successful future.

At CES, Kohler showed off a $10,000 Nami 2.0 smart toilets. It looks like a box with an automatic square lid. There is also a proximity sensor on the toilet that automatically lifts the lid when someone approaches it. Through detection, the pressure sensor on the toilet seat will trigger a flush when the user runs out of standing.

Nami 2.0 smart toilets built-in Amazon Alexa supports the function of voice-controlled toilets. It can also be used to play music, provide news and weather information, and allow users to control other devices in the smart home.

Startup Mateo showed off a prototype of its smart toilets, which capture health data when a person steps on it. This mat has 7,000 pressure sensors that can identify different people based on footprints. It supports the analysis of posture and weight.


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