Xiaomi Announces Desktop Drinking Machine Crowdfunding Coming

Xiaomi announced that the Xiaomi desktop drinking machine will start crowdfunding on November 4. The price of the desktop drinking machine will be 1,299 yuan ($181.86). And the retail price will be 1499 yuan ($209.86).

Desktop Drinking Machine

The Xiaomi desktop drinking machine integrates the two functions of water purification and heating. It comes with a water tank. The desktop design eliminates cumbersome tasks such as installation. You can use the drinking machine in the living room, bedroom, and kitchen.

6-stage RO filter

According to the official preheating poster, the Xiaomi drinking machine is an instant hot drinking machine with a 6-stage RO filter. You can enjoy fresh and purified water at any time without installation.

We have learned that the Xiaomi desktop water purifier has professional RO reverse osmosis filtration capabilities. The filtration principle is the same as that of the Xiaomi water purifier. The filtered water can be directly consumed. The drinking machine features 2100W high power. It can complete pure water heating in 3 seconds, and it is ready to drink.

Connect the machine to the Mijia APP

The Xiaomi desktop drinking machine sports commonly used modes such as “boiling water”, “milk”, “coffee”, and “normal temperature”. You can also connect the Mi Desktop Drinking Machine to the Mijia app. So, the water outlet mode can be customized through the settings in the app. The temperature adjustment within the range of 40℃-95℃ can be accurate to 1℃. It can meet the daily needs of a variety of drinking water.

In addition, the desktop drinking machine comes with 3 cup sizes, including 150ml, 300ml, and MAX. After connecting to the APP, the cup size can be freely set in the range of 80ml-1000ml.

In terms of design, the Xiaomi desktop drinking machine panel sports an OLED screen that can display real-time information such as water mode, water temperature, water volume and filter element life. The OLED scree can display networking status, and water change reminders as well.

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