The Mi TV Master Extreme Edition uses Mini LED for the first time

On September 23, Xiaomi TV officially announced a super-large Mi TV-Mi TV Master “Extreme Commemorative Edition”. It is officially announced that the Mi TV Master “Extreme Commemorative Edition” brings one of the most advanced display technologies: Mini LED. It has achieved a breakthrough improvement in picture quality.

The Mini LED, also known as “sub-millimeter light-emitting diode”, means an LED with a grain size of about 100 microns. Mini LED display has better color rendering, and has a high-contrast effect comparable to OLED’s self-luminescence. Its thickness is also close to OLED, and it has special-shaped cutting characteristics. It can also achieve a high-curved backlight form with a flexible substrate.

Mi TV Master Extreme Edition

The energy consumption is 20%-30% lower than that of OLED products. The reaction time is faster than that of OLED. The use temperature is also wider than that of LCD and OLED. In general, Mini LED has the image quality, low energy consumption, and plasticity comparable to OLED. At the same time, it does not have the “burn-in” problem that OLED currently exists.

Mi TV Master Extreme Edition

The Mi TV Master OLED 65-inch uses a 120 Hz 4K OLED screen with a screen-to-body ratio of 98.8%. It supports high-speed motion compensation, AI image quality engine, Dolby Vision and other functions. In addition, the Mi TV Master “Extreme Commemorative Edition” also uses 8K resolution. The official said that 8K will be the standard in the next five years. 8K TVs are like 4K TVs of the year.

Mi TV Master Extreme Edition

The Mi TV Master “Extreme Commemorative Edition” is equipped with a 5G module. It is the world’s first 5G mass-produced TV that has passed the CTA network access certification test. It supports 5G SA/NSA networks and covers the three major domestic operators. The SA network theoretical downlink rate is up to 2.1Gbps. This new product will debut on September 28.

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