Redmi Smart TV MAX 98 Went On Sale At A Price Of 19,999 Yuan ($2979) After Deposit

In April of this year, Redmi Smart TV MAX 98 inches went on sale with a 98-inch 4K giant screen and sold for 19,999 Yuan ($2,982). Now, half a year later, the price of this TV is still the same, and you need to pay a 2,000-Yuan ($298) deposit to buy it. You should complete the final payment at 0:00 on November 1.

Redmi Smart TV Max With 98-Inch 4K Display Launched: All You Need to Know |  Technology News

The seller guarantees that whoever purchases the Redmi Smart TV MAX will enjoy a free delivery service, including presales communication, site survey, installation plan, professional team delivery, etc. As a reminder, this TV sports a 98-inch 4K ultra-high-definition resolution screen, NTSC 85 wide color gamut, and MEMC dynamic compensation technology. Besides, this smart TV uses local dimming technology. The screen adopts direct-lit backlight and consists of 192 dynamic backlight partitions. The 98-inch ultra-large screen can brighten the partition wherever it is bright, and where it is dark. Just dim that partition to improve the contrast performance, thereby greatly improving the overall image quality.

Moreover, the Redmi Smart TV MAX 98 uses a customized 12nm processor chip with 4GB memory and 64GB storage. Equipped with a Bluetooth voice remote control, it can wake up Xiao Ai with one key.

Xiaomi Unveils Redmi Smart TV MAX - Sada El balad

So, the Redmi Smart TV MAX is currently available with a pre-payment (2,000 Yuan). This is a perfect chance to obtain it.


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