Qingping Air Detector Lite Is Available For Crowdfunding By Xiaomi Youpin

In October 2018, Xiaomi Youpin launched a Qingping air detector through crowdfunding for 599 yuan ($91). Due to the 3.1-inch retina screen, the Qingping Air Detector mainly monitors indoor air. In addition to the well-known temperature, humidity and PM2.5, it also supports tVOC and carbon dioxide.

Qingping Air Detector Lite

Today, the brand-new Qingping Air Detector Lite is available for crowdfunding by Xiaomi Youpin. It is smaller in size and weighs only 143g, which is equivalent to the weight of a small apple. The function has also been simplified – VOC and formaldehyde detection have been cut off. The crowdfunding price is 399 yuan ($61).

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You can switch between various information screens such as temperature and humidity, CO2, PM2.5, PM10, etc. by sliding on the top. The temperature test range of Qingping Air Detector Lite is 0-50℃; the humidity range is 0-95%RH; the CO2 test range is 0-5000PPM; the PM2.5/PM10 test range is 0-500ug/m³.

The Qingping Air Detector Lite has a square screen. In addition to displaying test data, it can also display Wi-Fi connection information, remaining power, and more. It is worth mentioning that Qingping Air Detector Lite is also a Bluetooth gateway. It can connect to other Bluetooth sub-devices of Mijia for intelligent linkage.

Qingping Air Detector Lite

The Qingping Air Detector Lite supports Mijia and Apple HomeKit connections. The Qingping Air Detector Lite can be linked to fans, air purifiers, air conditioners, electric fans, humidifiers and other equipment. When temperature or humidity is PM2.5 or PM10, the carbon dioxide reaches the set value, the related equipment is automatically turned on or off. It supports USB continuous power supply, built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, and lasts up to 7 hours.

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