No Physical Friction: Xiaomi Launches Xiaomo Rowing Machine Hush

Xiaomi again surprised us with the sale by crowdfunding of a rowing machine. This huge machine is made of pinewood and has an application that collects data and shows them dynamically. The new and powerful rowing machine of Xiaomi comes under the name of Xiaomo Smart Rowing Machine Hush. This rowing machine exercises the entire front of our body, back, arms and legs working together to exercise our muscles with movement.

Because people are too busy studying and working, they often don’t have extra time to go to the gym to manage their body shape. So, they choose to exercise at home. Among many household sports equipment, the rowing machine is a very good choice. And recently, Xiaomi Youpin launched the Xiaomo smart rowing machine Hush for 1699 yuan ($254).

Xiaomo Smart Rowing Machine Hush

Many home sports equipment will make loud noises, which will affect neighbors. But Xiaomo smart rowing machine Hush can achieve silent exercise without disturbing the people. It uses a two-way internal magnetic wheel, counterweight wheel + magnetic resistance double control resistance. Thus, there is no physical friction, uniform and smooth resistance, small size, and large energy.

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The Xiaomo rowing machine combines material rigidity and structural shock absorption and cushioning characteristics. It can cushion the pressure of the athlete’s lower limbs during use and greatly reduce the shock damage to the human body and body. In addition, this sport is suitable for the whole family. It is a seated exercise. The core joints are not weight-bearing. And it can achieve eight levels of resistance adjustment, suitable for the whole family.

Xiaomo Smart Rowing Machine Hush

This rowing machine uses solid wood elements, taking into account the exercise effect and comfort. You can easily integrate it into the existing home environment. On the other hand, it also includes a nose pulley. You can move it to all corners of the home without squeezing the family space. In addition, it can accurately assess your athletic ability based on the data. Other selling points are five professional tests to assess athletic ability, tailor-made exercise plans, and exercise performance. The latter is 1.3 times higher than normal.


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