Mijia Smart Electric Pressure Cooker 2.5L Is Now Online

Xiaomi announced today that the Mijia Smart Electric Pressure Cooker 2.5L is now online. It will start crowdfunding at Xiaomi Mall/Xiaomi Home New Products at 10:00 on December 23. The retail price is 299 yuan ($45). And the crowdfunding price is 279 yuan ($42).

Xiaomi Cooker

According to reports, you can use the Mijia Smart Electric Pressure Cooker 2.5L for cooking rice or stewing meat. With a capacity of 2.5 liters, the pot body is equivalent to the size of a home dining plate (only 241 x 231 x 267mm in volume). A bowl of rice or 2 catties of beef can meet the needs of 1 to 3 people. It supports smart recipes through apps and multiple safety protections.

Xiaomi Cooker

In addition to cooking rice, you can also use the Mijia Smart Electric Pressure Cooker 2.5L to cook soup, porridge, and stew. One-pot can meet your gourmet needs. By pressurizing the pot, the meat can be cooked more softly, making cooking more efficient and convenient.

9-level pressure adjustment

The Mijia smart pressure cooker adopts a high-end powder non-stick coating and 5-layer inner tank. Moreover, it supports 9-level pressure adjustment and can increase the pressure in the pot by 70kPa compared to atmospheric pressure. At the same time, the cooker effectively increases the boiling point of water, thereby achieving 21 minutes of cooking. Stew the beef for 50 minutes.

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The Mijia smart pressure cooker supports open-lid cooking and can be directly transformed into a small hot pot. Thus, you can use it for stewing meat to collect juice. Or it can be turned into a small hot pot that can cook skewers and oden in a second.

Xiaomi Cooker

In addition, the Mijia Smart Pressure Cooker supports a dual appointment method for remote operation of the operation panel and the Mijia APP. It supports smartphone remote control by connecting to the Mijia APP. And it also supports an online expansion of cloud smart recipes. It can also create custom smart recipes with automatic heat preservation function. So, you can eat hot meals after getting off work.

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