Fiido L1 Electronic Bike Review, Price and Features

 Fiido is very famous company in their products. Fiido gives you best ride with the electronic bikes. Fiido also gives you a comfortable riding experience in steep roads. Fiido made many products. These products give better result to the company. This company makes long term products. And make those products which are useful in our life. Now Fiido launch new product is Fiido L1 Electronic Bike.

Previous time Fiido makes many folding electric bikes. But now, the company launches Fiido L1 with more  changes than previous model. This is the only one company is made high technology electronic bikes. If we talk about the design of electronic bikes, company gives classy look to the electronic bike. The electronic bikes are very comfortable for all the ages of people.

Feature & Specification of Fiido L1 Electronic Bike:

The Fiido L1 is best for go to anywhere. Now days the roads are filled with traffic jams. Due to the traffic jams a person not reach at a point on time. But this L1 electronic cycle is easily cross narrow place and person reaches a point on time. This is the best opportunity to you for saves the time and always move forward.

The wheels of the bike L1 gives better look to the tires. The tires are Cheng Shin Tire. The tires holding capacity on the road is very strong. Tires do not slip on the road. It is designed with hard rubber which gives good grip to the tires. Fiido L1 electric bike control easily on off road. The operating temperature of the bike is -10 degree C to 50 degree C. The all equipment is better designed.  

Speed of Fiido L1

If we talk about feature of the Fiido L1, the features are provides you every type of alertness during ride. The maximum speed of this bike is 23.4 Ah: 25 KM/H. This L1 prefers you best speed for reach to end point of your journey. The Grade ability is 30 degree is best for handling. You can lift maximum load 120 Kg. Some time you need to carry some load for working then this gives you best results. The L1 always solve your problems.


The battery is built with Li-on battery and the input voltage is 100 – 240V. Battery power is 23.4 Ah and the battery Recharge time is 9 hours. This L1 has removable external lithium battery, suitable for long and medium distance pure electric driving. This a also a clever part of the Fiido L1 electric bike design which is built into the frame portion.  

After full recharge Fiido L1 electronic bike mileage is 150 KM. With this mileage you can easily meet with your friends through ride and also travels on long route. L1 has disc break which protects you from accident or helps when you need emergency break. The L1 bike is both to ensure their own safety and to ensure the safety of others. The chain set made from pro wheel steel 48 Tooth.


The geometry of the electronic bike is MTB. The shape of the product is depends on geometry. The tire size is 14 inch which always keeps good balance of the bike. The motor of the L1 is 250W. The frequent action is controlled by motor. The Fiido L1 has LED display which shows you speed of the bike, light action, motor movement, battery power etc. In the Fiido L1 electronic bike has two driving modes. First is electric mode and the second is Pedal mode.

fiido l1

The pedal mode is best way to practice. It is like a cycling. You can easily remove motor from the bike and use pedal mode. The pedal mode keeps you fit and increase your body stamina. When you pedal the bike from long time and you want to relax some time then you can change pure electric mode. Pure electric mode keeps you relax and do not consume your energy.

The design of the Fiido L1 electronic bike is very practical and intimate. The L1 is combines compact, foldable and high endurance. During ride the L1 gives feel very good. When you are going on long route and you want to change your posture, then you can easily adjust the seat, riser height and handle angle to get the most comfortable ride. This L1 has compact folding feature, it is this feature that makes it more and more enriched. This L1 electronic bike easily adjusts in your car trunk.


The body of the Fiido L1 electric bike is made of high strength aluminum alloy, which is light and does not rust. The aluminum alloy electric bike is easy to carry. The Fiido L1 is comes in black and army green color. The black and army green gives classic look to the Fiddo L1 electric bike. The weight of L1 electric bike is just 22.5 kg. It is very light weight product and very easy to handle. This weight is balancing weight for all persons.

The handle and seat of the L1 bike is also adjustable. The adjustable electronic bike is always better for short and long height people. They can adjust according to need. The handle grip is very good of the L1 bike. Fiido L1 adopts front and rear disc break design and also uses the new widened electric tires. This electronic bike provide you great environment.

A motor is a one of the most significant features for an electronic bike. The L1 electronic bike has toothed motor for lower power consumption. The toothed motor is decelerated by the gear of the high speed motor. You can change gear with light round touch. The endurance is 20% stronger than normal brushless gearless motors, and the starting torque is greater. There is no need to worry during ride. It solves the short pain point of the motorcycle.  

Also this is good product for exercise. Every time you can exercise with this L1 bike and it is very helpful on the trips.

Additional features-

In the package of this product company provides you 1x Fiido L1 Electric Bike, 1 x English manual, 1 x Charger. English manual is very helps for understanding the functions of the L1 electronic bike. The charger passes the power supply to the electronic bike. The body and style is designed according to new generation. Its impressive look attracts everyone.

The folding size of the L1 is 77 x 48 x 62 cm and unfolding size is 125 x 40 x 110 cm. The folding is the best way for care of the bike. With folding the electric bike easily fit in your house any corner side.

There is a flash light on the front side with the horns of the L1 bike. The flash light is very helpful during night travel. Horn aware of the other vehicle to gives a side. The back side of the bike is red tale light which shine at night when any vehicle comes from back. The red light is saves from accident.

FIIDO L1 Brakes

The front and rear disk brakes are more stable and more effective. The seat is very comfortable of the electronic bike. The bike has a luggage carrier for loading. The carrier keeps safe of your luggage.

During ride the motor do not produce over heat. The temperature of the motor also shows on the LED display of L1 electric bike. The Fiido L1 is also good for kids. Kids can go to the school on this electric bike. It can be used not only on the clear straight road but also in the muddy soil.

The bike comes in a large box and the installation is very simple. No need to do major adjustments. A pair of ankle and seat needs to be simply installed. It will be done in a few minutes.

You can buy this Fiido L1 electric bike from online websites.

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