Xiaomi Clarifies The MIUI 12 Development Version Release Time

On November 2, Xiaomi announced the MIUI 12 Developer Edition beta version release date. According to the announcement, Xiaomi will launch the package from November 9.

The Xiaomi MIUI team mentioned, “Since the date of its birth, the MIUI development version has been updated continuously for 474 weeks. We sincerely thank many enthusiasts and friends for supporting MIUI”.

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In order to make more preparations for the release and further improve the user experience, the Xiaomi MIUI team has made several changes to adjust the release time of the MIUI system development version.

As a result, the MIUI team has adjusted the release time to be before 18:00. Then the public test release time of the development version will be before 13:00.

The MIUI 12 development version launching will be before a relatively fully tested version. The MIUI stable version is not affected by this strategic adjustment.

The Xiaomi MIUI team thanked users for understanding and support. They surely believe MIUI will get better and better.

Generally, Xiaomi has become so popular not only due to the cost-effective products but a good ecology. We mean it was one of those rare companies that has got a deep engagement with its users. And MIUI is the key of the success. That’s why every iteration of MIUI is very important for Mi users. And the upcoming MIUI 12 release time is no exception.


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