XIAOMI WEMAX ONE Laser Projector Offered At $1,329.99 [Coupon]

At first glance, the brand Fengmi might be unfamiliar to you. But Fengmi is actually a member of the Xiaomi ecological chain. The Xiaomi laser TV that we are familiar with and the Mijia projector just launched some time ago are all from Fengmi Technology. ALPD 3.0 makes up for the technical defects of traditional light bulbs such as low brightness, fast light decay, short life, and low energy efficiency. At present, the results of the project have been applied in more than 8,000 theaters across the country and more than 10,000 theaters worldwide. So, don’t underestimate this brand, hard power will never lose to any other manufacturer. Currently, you can get this XIAOMI WEMAX ONE Laser Projector at a discounted price using our coupon.

Coupon code: BGPS9912
Price without coupon: $1,559.99
Coupon price: $1,329.99

Appearance: small and simple

Fengmi’s WEMAX ONE laser projection TV is very technological in appearance. The body of sandblasted PC material in obsidian black can be matched with different decoration styles. In addition, the body size is only 41cm×29.1cm×8.8cm. The volume control is also in place. It does not take up much indoor space. It can easily meet the projection needs in any environment. However, the body of 6.9kg is very heavy, which is also the reason that this laser projector has a built-in power supply, which can work with the projection through a power cord.

Xiaomi WEMAX One

Many projectors will experience serious heat generation after working for a long time. Fengmi’s WEMAX ONE laser projection TV handles a large area of ​​heat dissipation holes on the left and right sides of the fuselage, with a powerful fan. One side of the wind enters the other side, which can quickly and efficiently send out the heat of the whole machine, which has a very good temperature control effect. But don’t worry that this will make the noise too loud. The fan noise will not affect the video viewing effect at all under normal viewing.

More about the product

In addition, there is a manual adjustment knob on each side. That can be used to assist in adjusting the shape of the picture to make the projected picture more perfect. There is also a USB2.0 interface on one side.

Xiaomi WEMAX One

Converged on the ultra-short focal laser lens, it finally presented a beautiful and colorful HD picture with an output resolution of 1080P. Due to the good heat dissipation of the entire laser projector and excellent light source chips and accessories, this laser projector has been tested by environmental simulations and has a light source life of 25,000+ hours.

Xiaomi WEMAX One

On the whole, Fengmi WEMAX ONE laser projection TV has a simple design language, a one-piece color of obsidian black, a metallic body material, and a rich interface configuration, suitable for any place in the home.The remote control of Fengmi WEMAX ONE laser projection TV shows the Mijia elements of the product. In addition to the consistent pure white color of Mijia products, there is also the Mijia LOGO printed in the middle of the handle. The simple and easy-to-understand 12-key layout design makes it easy to use in daily operations.

Performance: optical machine hard power

Fengmi WEMAX ONE laser projection TV sports Amlogic T968’s A53 4 core architecture CPU, and also features 2GB RAM and 16GB built-in storage. It is smooth enough in daily use to ensure that there will be no lag in watching movies or playing games.

Xiaomi WEMAX One

The biggest advantage of laser projection lies in its transmittance far exceeding that of traditional projectors. A better product can get a 150-inch giant screen at a distance of 3m, but Fengmi’s WEMAX ONE laser projection TV has an ultra-short focus of 0.233:1. Transmittance, the projection of a large 150-inch screen is only 50cm. It only needs a small space to enjoy the huge screen at home as in a movie theater.

WEMAX ONE Laser Projector Key Features

  • Features ALPD 3.0 laser light source technology by Appotronics
  • In addition to high-quality lasers, the unit also features a top-end speaker system for a true cinema experience
  • Can project a display up to a maximum of 150 inches
  • Offers a maximum of 7000 lumens source brightness and a 3000:1 native contrast

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Where to buy

We find the offer compilation about XIAOMI WEMAX ONE Laser Projector on Gizcoupon, the best price is $1,399.99. [Coupon Code: BGPS9912] If the deal has expired, please go to Gizcoupon to view the latest offer for this product.

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