Xiaomi Qin PB-FV01 Scanner Safe Offered At $398.69 [Coupon]

After the fingerprint reader, more reliable, more flexible vein scanners can be added to end-user products. And the line begins with the Xiaomi Qin PB-FV01 Vein Scanner Safe. We are happy to inform you that now you can get this product at a discounted price, for only $398.69, if you use the coupon that we suggest.

Coupon code: BGAFF10OFF
Price without coupon: $442.99
Coupon price: $398.69

The Xiaomi Qin PB-FV01 is a larger vein scanner safe, storage box, and is available in black and white. It has a vein scanner that you can open with your finger (but can also be opened with a key if needed). You can use it with Xiaomi Home (Mi Home). Of course, more fingers can be assigned than an opening key or even temporary “keys” can be assigned.

Xiaomi Qin PB-FV01 Smart Finger Vein Safe Password Box

Failure probability of 0.001%

Further, it ensures far better results than traditional technologies with a nominal failure probability of 0.001%. What it brings further in the feature-sheet, let’s have a look.

Digital vein recognition technology is adopted in the private box. According to the characteristics of blood flowing in the finger that can absorb infrared ray, near-infrared photography is carried out to obtain the image of finger vein , and image features are extracted and compared through specific algorithm so as to carry out identity identification.

Superior to the previous fingerprint / face / iris recognition technology, Finger-vein recognition is not affected by ambient light, surface wrinkles, rough, wet, dirty and other Phenomena, and you cannot change the vein information hidden in the finger.

What is a Vein Scanner?

The purpose of a vein scanner is the same as that of a fingerprint reader, which is to identify its owner. However, there are problems with the fingerprint as even minimal amounts of dirt or moisture can degrade or make reading impossible.

The vein scanner does not have this problem because it scans the blood vessels in the finger such as skin damage, dirt, etc. has no influence on it. And of course, the blood vessels in the finger cannot be changed.

Xiaomi Qin PB-FV01 Smart Finger Vein Safe Password Box

Using mijia APP, you can open the lock with one key or view real-time status of your private box. Through the appropriate Mijia Bluetooth gateway, access to the WIF router, and real-time remind you to pay attention to the security of your private box.

Through MIJIA APP, The Qin PB-FV01 box owners can authorize one or more family members and friends to distribute temporary electronic keys. So, even if you were not at home, they can also take out important documents and items in emergency.

Qin PB-FV01 Scanner Safe Key Features

  • Maximum storage ID 200,
  • Battery capacity 4400mAh,
  • Electronic Key Distribution,
  • Net weight 11kg,
  • Remote Alarm,

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Where to buy

We find the offer compilation about Qin PB-FV01 Scanner Safe on Gizcoupon, the best price is $398.69. [Coupon Code: BGAFF10OFF] If the deal has expired, please go to Gizcoupon to view the latest offer for this product.

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