Xiaomi Mijia Small Rice Cooker 1.6L Offered at $57.99 [Coupon]

In fact, for many young people today, “cooking” is quite extravagant. So we have a good offer for you. You can get the Xiaomi Mijia small rice cooker and facilitate your life. You can pay only $57.99 accepting the coupon (code: BGDFCM). So you can save up to $21.

Different from the traditional rice cooker in the home kitchen, the Mijia small rice cooker is an innovation for consumers. The overall continuation of Mijia’s consistent simple design and compact body size confirm that it can be placed everywhere.

The Mijia small rice cooker weighs only 2.12kg, of which the inner container is an alloy 1.7mm thick non-stick pan.

Xiaomi Mijia Small Rice Cooker 1.6L

The rice cooker has pure white three-dimensional body shape, only one LED display and three control buttons on the front. The Mijia small rice cooker uses a quick-release design, which can be quickly removed for cleaning.

As for the core parameters, the Mijia small rice cooker has a working power of 400W, supports multiple cooking modes. It also has a built-in dual temperature probe, and supports 24-hour smart appointments.

Although the small rice cooker only has a 1.6L inner liner capacity. It has completely exceeded expectations in actual cooking. Of course, a rice cooker of this size is perfect for a single person or a couple. The Mijia small rice cooker provides two modes, “Fine Cooking” and “Fast Cooking”. “Fine Cooking” takes 1 hour and “Fast Cooking” takes 40 minutes.

For users who are accustomed to cooking, you can directly use the APP to remotely start the small rice cooker to cook rice.  Another thing that is surprising is that through the built-in recipes of the Mijia APP, many people who can’t cook can learn how to cook a meal.

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