Redmi TV Soundbar 30W Sold Only For $57.99 [Coupon]

Recently, Xiaomi launched an interesting TV stereo system-Redmi TV Soundbar 30W. The gadget looks very cool. The unnamed SPDIF cable that came with the kit made me very satisfied-it transmitted the signal perfectly. This soundbar is sold only for $57.99 after using our coupon.

Coupon code: BGRMS725
Price without coupon: $89.99
Coupon price: $57.99

Redmi TV Soundbar

Redmi TV Soundbar Design and Materials

Unlike other cheap sound bars out there, it is made entirely of plastic. With an aluminum protective grille Redmi TV Soundbar definitely has some character. There must be some personality. There is only one color available, which is black, and the design is essential. From the front and from the top there is practically nothing. Control buttons are located on the right side, while on the back there are audio inputs, analog and digital inputs with SPDIF connectors and a fixed power cord.

Of course, it is a cheap product, since the weight is very light 1.50 Kg. But it can be more easily fixed to the wall through the holes and screws on the back. If you just want to keep it still, there are rubber supports on the base. It can cope with vibration even in large volumes. But you must pay attention to the size: it is large 78.00 x 6.40 x 6.30 cm. It means if the TV is lower, you may not be able to install it directly under the TV.

Redmi TV Soundbar Connection

The Xiaomi Redmi TV Soundbar is wireless. In addition to the entrance the AUX and SPDIF, you can connect to a wireless soundbar 5.0 Bluetooth. It actually makes it universal. For example, in addition to the smart phone, you can also use it as the main speakers connect it to a Mac. The transmission delay is practically almost zero.

Redmi TV Soundbar

Redmi TV Soundbar Sound Quality

The soundbar have 2 speakers under the hood with a total power of 30W and two passive radiators, a rather essential compartment but able to guarantee a frequency range of 80Hz – 20000Hz. However, in addition to the technical data, Redmi TV Soundbar is very good, especially in the case of management through digital input. Even at a considerable volume, it can ensure the best sound spectrum management. Good bass and treble, but perhaps too pronounced low and high points are good. This is a typical feature of these cheap products. You can balance by a small amount of work to be managed.

The fidelity of the sound begins to fluctuate, especially for the focus on low frequencies. You may start to hear some distortion of the song, but you really have to find it. On the other hand, it is always a soundbar designed for TV. In terms of price, performances obtained through movies or video games are more than enough.

Redmi TV Soundbar Key Features

  • Double 45x80mm full frequency sound units for really and pleasant sounds.
  • Multiple device interfaces for easy connection.
  • Supports wall and desktop installation.
  • Supporting Bluetooth playback.

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Where To Buy

We find the offer compilation about this product on Gizcoupon, the best price is $57.99. [Coupon Code: BGRMS725] If the deal has expired, please go to Gizcoupon to view the latest offer for this product.

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