Xiaomi Mibro Air

Mibro Air Waterproof Smartwatch Got Huge Discount – $29.99

Chinese giant Xiaomi has a robust and vast ecosystem containing quite some interesting brands. And maybe it’s time to learn the name of the new one, because Mibro Air smartwatch model will be hitting the market soon. Mibro is a brand of Zhenshi Technology with investments from Xiaomi and Longqi. So, they belong to the main ecological chain members. Their market entry piece is looking pretty promising, so let’s take a look at the Mibro Air in greater detail. And don’t worry, we have some extra discount for it too right away. Currently, you can buy it at a discounted price – for only $29.99.

Buy Mibro Air Smartwatch For $29.99
Xiaomi Mibro Air

Mibro Air can offer pretty sleek design and full-metal build of the watches body, with just 9.2mm thickness and 40g of weight. The metal body is scratch less, which means you can also use the smartwatch as a rugged one. Also, the company states that this smartwatch offers you durability. The smartwatch comes with IP68 certification so it can easily resist deleting in sweat and frequent hand washing splashes. Another detail about the interface that is worth mentioning is the rotating dial menu. Compared to most flipping menus found on other brands’ watches, the rotating menu is definitely a better design for round dials. All the options are displayed in perfect arrangement, and the rotating operation is also more intuitive than just flipping.

12 sport modes

A circular 1.28-inch TFT screen with 240 x 240-pixel resolution comes with a unique rotary dial control. Moreover, it supports plenty of watch faces to customize the looks. According to modern fashion, you will be getting a 24h PPG bio heart rate tracker. If you are one of the people who is living an active lifestyle, then you would love to own this smartwatch. The reason is because of the 12 sports modes provided by the company. The smartwatch effectively records the activities of the video like running Tony’s football, including treadmill and exercising the bike or even a simple walk. If you talk about the heart rate sensor, it will also help you to measure your heart rates; you will get alerts whenever there is a possible problem-or irregularity. All of these values and measurements can be synchronized with the Mibro Fit Mobile app. This app is pretty much similar to the MI fit app.

Xiaomi Mibro Air

The Mibro Air uses a new Bluetooth low power-consuming chip, which offers a relatively long battery life. It comes with a 200mAh battery but guarantees up to 10 days of continuous use on a single charge or 25 days standby. The support of Bluetooth 5.0 offers real-time synchronization and a convenient connection with a phone. During daily use, we can easily receive notifications on the watch from apps, including phone calls, messages, WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Gmail, and more.

Xiaomi Mibro Air

Mibro Air Smartwatch Key Features

  • Heart rate: Continuous heart rate measurement throughout the day, the watch will save the most recent heart rate data.
  • data: The watch will save and record a day’s exercise data.
  • sport: Contains 12 sports modes: indoor running, outdoor running, walking, football, badminton, tennis, basketball, cycling, mountain climbing, elliptical machine, yoga, free training.
  • Sleep: Record the sleep status and time of the day.
  • weather: Show weather details, connect to APP to update in real time.
  • music: Control mobile phone music playback.

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Where to buy

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Buy Mibro Air Smartwatch For $29.99

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