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Sanag B3 headphone review: Probably the cheapest noise reduction headphone recently

When it comes to noise reduction headphones, I’m sure many people feel that this feature will only appear on high-end headphones. Interestingly, I have also used some low-end headphones and added noise reduction, but the actual effect is basically not felt. The British brand SANAG B3 Bluetooth headphones also use active noise reduction, but the price of this headset is only about 500RMB.

SANAG B3 Appearance

The box of Sanag B3 Bluetooth headphone

Since it is the first time to purchase Sanag’s products, I will know more about this later. From the box, I think the Sanag B3 Bluetooth headphone is very delicate and simple.

Sanag B3 Bluetooth headphone

SANAG B3 Bluetooth headset is a British brand. Its design is completed in the UK, the parameters are detailed in the sound quality section.

Bluetooth headphone, I think it is more suitable for traveling and traveling. It is more convenient to use wireless, storage bag is undoubtedly necessary.

Independent storage bag

There are a 3.5mm audio cable and a MicroUSB charging cable in the storage package. It can also be used as a wired headset.

Sanag B3 Bluetooth headphone & Cable & MicroUSB

B3 Bluetooth headphone gives me the first impression, still very beautiful. This headset is only available in black, I think black is really the most popular and stylish color of headphones.

Sanag B3 Bluetooth headphone

In addition, from the style above, the B3 is simple in style. But in the earmuff shell part, it also carefully designed the beveled shape, adding some fashionable elements.

Due to the limited price, the body material of the B3 is basically plastic; But the advantage is that the weight is very light, suitable for daily wear.

so the touch will feel the material is ordinary; but the advantage is that the weight is very light, suitable for daily wear.

The internal steel beam is relatively flexible, so the overall wear of the headphone is comfortable.

Sanag B3 Bluetooth headphone

In terms of appearance, I think the B3 is still good. The pricing itself is low-end, and it is mostly plastic. But the overall work is excellent, the overall comfort is good.

Reduce Noise Capacity

As I said at the beginning, one of the biggest selling points of SANAGB3 Bluetooth headphones is the ability to reduce noise. So, before talking about sound quality, let’s talk about the function of active noise reduction.

Sanag B3 Bluetooth headphone

First of all, in the design, I think there is a lack of sound prompt to reduce the noise function, this, the actual use, the operation will be inconvenient.

Noise reduction, I personally think the surrounding sound can reach about 70%, better than expected, very good. If you like low-cost, but low-noise powerful headphones, B3 really won’t disappoint.

Sanag B3 Bluetooth headphone

From the configuration of the headphone, the 40mm moving coil unit has a frequency response range of 20-20kHz and an impedance of 16Ω.

The lifetime of the B3 is good. It can be used for 16 hours without turning on noise reduction and 8 hours after turning on.

Sanag B3 Bluetooth headphone

The appearance of the B3 is actually quite interesting and similar to my other headset Sony WH-1000XM3. Of course, the richness of the noise reduction function. The sound quality cannot be said to match, but the price above it is only one-sixth of the WH-1000XM3. The price is obviously higher.

For some beginners of music lovers and travelers, Sanag B3 Bluetooth headphone must be a cost-effective choice. It is very outstanding.

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