Xiaomi Mi 10 Will Come With 120Hz Screen And 100MP Camera

At the Snapdragon Annual Summit earlier this month the co-founder and deputy chairman of Xiaomi Group Lin Bin had a speech. During that he announced that they will release Xiaomi Mi 10 in the first quarter of next year. As the flagship of Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary, it will become the first Snapdragon 865 smartphone.

Previously, the French media frandroid reported that Xiaomi Mi 9 debuted at MWC 2019 this year. It would not be surprising if Xiaomi 10 debutes at Barcelona MWC 2020 at the end of February next year.Xiaomi Mi 10

Predictions about the Xiaomi Mi 10’s features

Except for the Snapdragon 865, the current specifications of Xiaomi Mi 10 are unknown. However, the media predicts that Xiaomi Mi 10 will likely continue to use a 100-megapixel sensor. It will also use the ISP Spectra 480 of the Snapdragon 865. It has the aim to further enhance its photographic capabilities. The latter supports an image processing capability of 2 billion pixels per second. It can shoot 4K videos in 10-bit color. Moreover, it supports video shooting up to 8K 30FPS.

It is worth mentioning that DxOMark recently announced the Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G camera score. The total score is 123 points. This also makes the Xiaomi CC9 Pro exclusive version tied with the Mate30 Pro previously ranked second. At that time, Wang Tengfa, the product director of Xiaomi, mentioned about Xiaomi’s new 5G version.

According to Xiaomi’s temperament, the Xiaomi Mi 10’s camera ranking will only be higher or lower than the Xiaomi CC9 Pro’s. Another big improvement of the Xiaomi Mi 10 is most likely the screen refresh rate. Currently, the Redmi K30 has taken the lead in launching a 120Hz refresh rate. It is logical to see 120Hz on a new flagship in 2020. At the same time, according to hints from insiders who are familiar with the situation, Xiaomi has begun a trial production.

In short, Xiaomi Mi 10 will still be the top product at the same price. What do you expect from Xiaomi 10?

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