Xiaomi Launches SWDK micro-wet electric mop Crowdfunding

SWDK micro-wet electric mop

Recently, Xiaomi has opened the crowdfunding for the SWDK micro-wet electric mop. The latter is equipped with a self-cleaning brush and an integrated net sewage tank. The crowdfunding price is 599 yuan ($87).

The SWDK micro-wet electric mop adopts a self-driving wireless design, which makes the fuselage to drive forward. When working, it releases clean water at a constant speed all the time. Also, it removes the sewage from the brush cleaning by the decontamination scraper at the bottom of the fuselage. While absorbing the surface sewage, the clean water is injected into the roller brush for self-cleaning.

The SWDK micro-wet electric mop comes with a 2200mAh lithium battery. According to the official introduction, on a single charge, it can last for 45 minutes.

This mop adopts an integrated net pollution double water tank design. The clear and sewage tanks are combined into one. Thus, it can be installed, disassembled and cleaned in one water tank.

The cleaning brush head of the SWDK micro-wet electric mop can be rotated at 400rpm. Moreover, the working volume is reduced to 65 decibels by noise reduction technology. The square brush design is also used, and the high-speed rotating roller brush is used to clean the edge.

At last, this electric mop supports one-button cleaning function mode. Add water to the base sink, place the mop on the base, and activate the button to open the state without manual washing. The sewage is recycled into the sewage tank.



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