Xiaomi Launched 90-point Automatic Reverse Folding Lighting Umbrella

On July 2, Xiaomi Youpin raised a 90-point automatic reverse folding lighting umbrella crowdfunding. The original price is 99 yuan ($14), and the crowdfunding price is only 49 yuan ($7).

It adopts the reverse folding design. After collecting the umbrella, the rain surface is reversely closed and not exposed. The umbrella surface can stand on the ground after folding, and can be dried without supporting the umbrella. It uses a grade waterproof umbrella cloth, like the lotus leaf version according to water. The 106cm umbrella can cover 2 people.

Xiaomi 90-point automatic reverse folding lighting umbrella

The 90-point automatic reverse folding lighting umbrella also supports one-touch opening and one-button closing. It comes with explosion-proof punching safety locks. The umbrella won’t rebound to prevent accidentally hurting yourself or others.

The 90-point full-automatic reverse folding lighting umbrella uses mixed fiberglass material, combined with a tough middle rod. And the entire umbrella has a wind resistance of 6 grades. It is also safe to travel in windy weather.

Compared with traditional umbrellas, the 90-point automatic reverse folding lighting umbrella has a special anti-UV coating treatment process, light blocking and heat insulation. The sun protection factor is UPF50+. The coating is resistant to rain erosion and corrosion, and can maintain UV resistance for a long time.

It is called ‘Illuminating Umbrella’. The bottom of the umbrella carries LED lamp beads. And the embedded press design can irradiate a diameter of 1 meter and a radiation distance of 10 meters.

By the way, this is not the first umbrella designed by Xiaomi.

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