Xiaomi Internet Air Conditioner Inverter New Products Are Released

On January 14, Xiaomi released two new air conditioners of Xiaomi Internet Air Conditioner 1 and 1.5. The initial prices are 2299 yuan (334$) and 2699 yuan (392$), respectively.

As a new product of Xiaomi Air Conditioner in 2020, Xiaomi Internet Air Conditioner adopts a full DC frequency conversion design and a stepless wind speed. The wind speed adjustment is more linear, and supports several modes such as sleep, energy saving, dehumidification, and fan.

These two new products have the automatic cleaning function. So the evaporator of the air conditioner will frost quickly and freeze the dust on the fins of the evaporator. Then it will start a defrosting work to remove the dust from the fins. Then, the high-temperature drying method is used to achieve the effects of cleaning the fins in the air conditioner. It also inhibites the growth of bacteria.

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As an important intelligent terminal under the Xiaomi AloT platform, the Xiaomi Internet Air Conditioner supports intelligent interconnection. Controlling air conditioning is a matter of words. So users can control the air conditioner with the “Xiao Ai classmate” AI voice through TV, mobile phone, Xiao Ai speakers and other devices.

The Xiaomi Internet Air Conditioner supports the remote control of the Mijia APP. Therefore users can set the air-conditioning operation mode on the way home.

In addition, it supports the intelligent home temperature and humidity sensor of Mijia. It is worth mentioning that the appearance and operation experience of the air conditioner remote control has also been greatly optimized. The Xiaomi Internet Air Conditioner’s “13-key remote control” has an excellent appearance, texture, and feel, while the operation logic is clear and easy to use.


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